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Hometown: Duluth, Mn
Member since: Sun Jul 19, 2020, 02:20 PM
Number of posts: 542

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Coffee addict. Political progressive.

Journal Archives

Should vaccine disinformation, denial, and out-right lies about vaccines be protected free speech?

Should it be protected under the 1st Amendment?

The Covid pandemic is a world-wide public health crisis. It is also a crisis within our own country.

The unvaxxed are spreading this highly contagious Omicron variant like wildfire. Vaxxed/boosted people are not the spreaders of this disease.

The unvaxxed are.

The so-called "right" to disinform has proven once again to be DEADLY.

Whenever their forked-tongues barf out their antiscience babble, people die. Joe Rogan, Fox etc.

Anti-vax disinformation kills people. Anti-science babble kills people.

Should disinformation be able to overwhelm our medical system and cause some medical professionals to leave the medical field for good?

Disinformation IS overwhelming our medical system.

Is that what free speech is all about?

Speech that kills people should NOT be protected under the 1st.

Most hate speech isn't protected under the first and is often a felony. We can't run into a theater and yell fire.

Why is the Republican Party declaring war on democracy and your right to vote?

a follow-up ad to this...

Why are Republicans trying to prevent you from voting?

I'd love to see the DNC run ads asking that question during this weekend's NFL playoff games , while millions of 'Murkins tune in.

Investigate Joe Rogan for his lies regarding vaccine denial.

In the past year or so since covid vaccines gained approval for vaccination of the general population, Joe Rogan has made it a staple of his podcasts to deny the safety and efficacy of modern covid vaccines.

These vaccines have not only proven to be safe as many of us are now fully vaccinated, without serious side effects, but said vaccines have also proven to make us damn near bullet-proof against severe symptoms like covid pneumonia.

Ever seen covid lungs when they fill up with PUS and the patient drowns to death with their lungs filled with covid-PUS.

Squeeze a zit and you'll see the same yellow shit come out of a patient who's lungs are drowning in that shit.

ROGAN thinks that a horse-dewormer(Ivermectin) will help your lungs generate less pus.

Rogan is a science-illiterate flunk-out.

Horse de-wormers DO NOT CURE your lungs when they are filled with PUS and you are drowning to death on your own ichor.

Investigate, and if necessary INDICT those who counter science with quack-science.

Kick HIM off the internet.

Indict his ass for the people he has killed.

Doctors call out Spotify over Joe Rogan spreading 'false and societally harmful' covid-19 claims

Source: Wa Post

A coalition of hundreds of doctors and public health experts have called out Spotify for allowing Joe Rogan to spread “false and societally harmful assertions” about the coronavirus and vaccination on the streaming platform that hosts his wildly popular podcast.

In an open letter published Monday, more than 270 medical professionals urge Spotify to stop “enabling its hosted media to damage public trust in scientific research and sow doubt in the credibility of data-driven guidance.” Rogan, whose show reaches an estimated audience of 11 million people an episode, has repeatedly downplayed the need for coronavirus vaccines and used his platform to flirt with misinformation about covid-19.

“Though Spotify has a responsibility to mitigate the spread of misinformation on its platform, the company presently has no misinformation policy,” the group wrote in the letter, which was first reported by Rolling Stone this week. “Throughout the covid-19 pandemic, Joe Rogan has repeatedly spread misleading and false claims on his podcast, provoking distrust in science and medicine.”

Read more: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/doctors-call-out-spotify-over-joe-rogan-spreading-false-and-societally-harmful-covid-19-claims/ar-AASML1W?li=BBnb7Kz

I applaud these Doctors!

Is Donald a perv?

C'mon, Donald. Explain those pics of you embracing Ghislaine and laughing it up with Jeffrey Epstein.

Donald, did you commit felonies later that night?

Should the USDOJ investigate?

Democrats, you have the consensus of the medical and scientific community behind you.

When our Democratic candidates run for office, ask their GOP opponents..

What is your highest level of science education?

What science can you present that backs your claim that Covid is a hoax or that covid vaccines are unsafe? Show us the science that proves that vaccines are micro-chipping us with 5G.

The science has proven that vaccinated and boosted people are darn near immune to the horrid killing effects of covid Omicron.

Unvaxxed are very vulnerable.

Democrats, science is on our side. It is time to start talking about it.

Notice the GOP rejection to everything scientific?

Global Warming

The GOP's rejection of intellectualism and science is a classic aspect of Fascism.

The flood of poison water.

Christmas day, my beloved uncle M, was pronounced dead on a ventilator from complications of covid Omicron.

His adult sons kept him on a ventilator for 2 days so his other adult son could make the harrowing trip from North Carolina to northern Minnesota in severe winter weather to say goodbye to his dying father. In other words, he was already pronounced dead but kept alive by a ventilator so his family could say one last goodbye.

Uncle M was a successful person. Smart as a whip. Just turned 60 a few months ago. Seemed quite healthy for his age.

He was also a huge anti-vaxxer.

That stupid decision cost him his life.

Covid killed his otherwise healthy 60 year old body.

It took about 4 days from his early symptoms to his death diagnosis.

That's how real this disease really is.

How is it that smart people get so easily led astray from wisdom, like getting your fucking shot?

He was a rabid fan of Fox News and Qanon-type conspiracy theories. He allowed himself to be brainwashed by RW media and social media.

It cost him his life.


Should vaccine disinformation and lies be covered under the First Amendment?

Is it time to criminalize anti-science social-media?

Anti-science, anti-vax is going to kill more of us than any other disease in our rapidly warming world.

I'm done watching the idiots kill themselves with their lack of scientific knowledge.

The flood of poison water is Fox News and RW social media.

They are criminal killers.

GOP Authoritarianism is the enemy of freedom.

The GOP's war on women. Their war against choice is a stepping stone to a full ban on the pill and any personal family planning.

The GOP's war against Marijuana is a Nixon-ion relic from his war on drugs.

75% of US citizens approve of fully legal weed. Recreational or med.

Almost every GOP elected official wants to repeal the 40 hour workweek and overtime protection.

Every GOPer opposes prescription drug price caps and protects big pharma profits at the expense of YOU, the consumer.

Does any of this sound like freedom?

Democrats, start educating the voting masses before 2022.

Grab the hornets nest and shake shit up.

Limited government, my ass. The GOP represents Authoritarian Big Fascist government.

Is the GOP's effort to overturn Roe v Wade limited government? Hell no.

It is intrusive authoritarianism invading a woman's body.

Fellow Democrats, it is time to call out the great GOP lie that Repubs stand for freedom and limited government.

They stand for AUTHORITARIAN, FREEDOM-ROBBING government.

I'd like to see our party run ads during Sunday NFL games that expose GOP authoritarian policies. Youtube, IG etc..

We need to open this country's eyes.
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