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progressive nobody

progressive nobody's Journal
progressive nobody's Journal
September 23, 2020

Louisville and Ms. Taylor

Let start by saying I am the last person to speak on this subject I am a white girl who has been -well people say I've lived a bubble life. I will also say My feelings are boiling so I apologize for half formed ideas but I need to vent this:

I am so fucking angry at this country right now! This of all cases should have seen charges from their actions! They failed to check the address. They Failed to make sure they knew where their subject was. They failed! They have gotten away with murder.

I have felt for a long time police are legalized bullies. The few police I have known personally have been bullies and egomaniacs. One I knew was a outright racist and yet he remained a "Decorated office" .

No officer should be allowed to do no knock warrant. No officer should never be held unaccountable. No officer should be allowed to be under any sort of umbrella of immunity! They take an oath to serve and protect they should be held to a higher standard and when they fell that standard they should be held accountable!

I mourn Ms. Taylor

This is completely wrong! This country is wrong.

September 22, 2020

What if the Republicans are ready to push another SCOTUS seat now is about Senate as well as Oval

Hear me out: Trump basically said he wanted the seat filled in time for the election so he can run to the court and scream ridge election put me in. Now what if these Senators start thinking if Trump is contesting the election and there is doubt on votes against him surely it effected my face too. What if the new play is to say the whole election was tampered with.

Are these people so corrupted they will try and throw out the election as a whole?

Edit: changed here to hear. On my tablet autocorrect

September 20, 2020

McConnell locks down key Republican votes for Supreme Court fight


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is locking down key votes from Republican senators in his bid to fill the Supreme Court vacancy created by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death.

On Sunday, McConnell (R-Ky.) won the support of Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.), who is retiring and was viewed as a potential swing vote as McConnell seeks to confirm Ginsburg‘s replacement as soon as possible.

“No one should be surprised that a Republican Senate majority would vote on a Republican president’s Supreme Court nomination, even during a presidential election year,” Alexander said in a statement. “The Constitution gives senators the power to do it. The voters who elected them expect it.”


Republican Scum!
September 20, 2020

Trump Supporters Disrupt Early Voting in Virginia


A group of Trump supporters waving campaign flags disrupted the second day of early voting in Fairfax, Va., on Saturday, chanting “four more years” as voters entered a polling location and, at one point, forming a line that voters had to walk around outside the site.

County election officials eventually were forced to open up a larger portion of the Fairfax County Government Center to allow voters to wait inside away from the Trump enthusiasts.

Election officials said that the group stayed about 100 feet from the entrance to the building and, contrary to posts on social media, were not directly blocking access to the building. But they acknowledged that some voters and polling staff members felt intimidated by what some saw as protesters.


I don't know how election officials can say they didn't block access to the building. If they are between the building and people walking a path from car or bus stop to the building and these people are standing in the middle of the path so people have to go around or find different entrances that is blocking the entrance

This is going to get worse. .
September 19, 2020

Trump and Ricin story

First I pray this isn't true. My hope is this criminal goes to jail for a long-LOoOONNNGGG time but a part of me believe this is some sort of ploy either for sympathy votes but I suspect this is the reason used to do something evil.

To start a war.

Barr to assert Paramilitary around the the country.

any ideas?

for those who don't know the story. https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/19/politics/package-poison-ricin-addressed-to-trump-intercepted/index.html

September 19, 2020

Reporter Aaron Rupar twitter: Trump's Minnisota Rally speech

Trump during that Rally:

Praised Robert E Lee

Suggested Rep Omar married her brother

Threatens to pull CNN and NBC license

and not knowing RBG passed away suggested putting Ted Cruz on the Supreme Court!

September 18, 2020

Is it bad manners to be more frighten and worried about this country than mourning

For an Amazing woman who did so much for this country?

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