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progressive nobody

progressive nobody's Journal
progressive nobody's Journal
July 20, 2020

PA residence or anyone who might be able to help.

My husband co worker sent him an article about Gov Wolf thinking of sending several counties one of which is mine back to red because of covid increase the source is a conservative site --PA Breaking News .com and had a republican elephant symbol on it. We don't if we should even give this a second thought or is this Republicans trying to start trouble to keep wolf from shutting down. We are in Washington county a county that has the 3rd highest spike.

I have google and only see this site as the only source right now.

July 19, 2020

A tale of 2 businesses or Why Covid is winning.

So let me start by saying I am in Western PA in 1 of the counties that is the highest rising. Governor Wolf instead of rolling back the roll back has impose new restrictions. no more than 5 people in indoor gatherings whenever possible telework and bars closed. So this is the tale of 2 work places.

My husband works in a manufacturing plant. They are working BUT all workers are spaced 6 ft apart in their work zone. They are required to wear face masks thru the whole shift (and properly. covering noise and mouth.) They have to eat lunch in their car. Their temps are checked 2 times a day. Last 4 days workers have a new rule they are now require to sanitize their work areas 3 times a day.l If the rules aren't followed they are written up and fired if needed.

I work in the business off of a medical business. NONE of us see patients. My job is basically talking to insurance companies all day demanding payment. I work place probably has 500 people in the building. it takes up 2/3rds of the office space in the building. A lot of us were allowed to work from home. Some people had to beg and some did not get that privilege. We are now mandated so many days in the building despite Wolf's new rules. Hardly anyone wears a mask. People wear it wrong or only wear it when they go to the copier or lunch room-which is still open. Temperatures have never been taken. most people do not wear masks at their cubicles.

Because of my work place. My husband and I are now sleeping in separate rooms and the only room we will be in together is the living room on either end. I also strip and shower each time I come home. Both my husband and I have health issues that would be complicated by covid. We shop 1 time a week and go nowhere else.

I have a friend who is a medical researcher. She has been studying Covid 19 from the beginning. She says If this country doesn't shut down like the European countries soon. Like 97% close and when they slowly reopen be very strict with rules we are in serious trouble.

If we have business not being uniformed when following the rules no wonder the citizens aren't following. Just my view point and needed to vent sorry. I will delete it.

July 19, 2020

Hi I'm Progressive nobody

I live in Western PA.

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