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XanaDUer2's Journal
XanaDUer2's Journal
May 27, 2022

Had a cortisone shot for shoulder impingement

Took meloxican Rx. Finally out of pain. Been over a year. Don't feel as anxious. Wondering if not being in pain is helping.

Hope everyone is doing well

May 23, 2022

Going to Social Security doctor for shoulder

Got a call from nice lady in lawyer's office. On top of mental health, I have shoulder (right) problems. There was a lot of bending and lifting heavy bins at my former job. I had treatment, pt, and Rx nsaids. Now my left shoulder is bad. I'm going to see my orthopedic PA Thursday. This is left shoulder. I'll have an X-ray, and probably referred back to pt.

I'll be telling my lawyer about this appointment. I get so nervous about all of this.

May 14, 2022

Anybody like tomato sandwiches?

I'm having one for dinner. Toast white break. Duke's mayonnaise salt and tomatoes.

May 5, 2022

Scary-looking social security mail makes me anxious

I'm breathing.

I guess ( I'll call them tomorrow) my lawyer is appealing my ssdi turndown. Tons of mail came today. Have to fill out, and my helper, again all the forms I did six months ago. Do I have pets , etc? My lawyer is adding on my physical and eye limitations now.

I hate long forms from ss. Too much mail. They sent me dupes, too.

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I was a member since the beginning of DU, but drifted away. During Trump, I decided to come back to the community of like-minded people for support and hope. In my last iteration here, I hit 10,000 posts, but will start again!

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