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Profile Information

Name: Marie Jacobs
Gender: Female
Hometown: Jacksonville NC
Home country: USA
Current location: Jacksonville NC
Member since: Mon Jun 1, 2020, 10:06 AM
Number of posts: 488

About Me

100% service-connected disabled

Journal Archives

If you are a veteran, make sure you let social security know.

Depending on the years you served they will credit you extra depending on how much you earned each year you served.

This is a novel coronavirus so they really don't know how long it will take.

Dr. Fauci a few weeks ago said he hoped there might be a vaccine by the beginning of 2021. He also said that he expected a vaccine would work in 70-75% of the people and that 70-75% of the people would take it. That means of the 331,000,000 people in the US about 185,000,000 will be immune. But they don't even know how long they would be immune. I think they will also need a cure for the people that will not be immune.

A neighboring county is going with 1/3 students in class and 2/3 students online.

Students will go to school for one week and then online for 2 weeks. That will work if the students wear masks all the time they are in school and social distance. That is a big if.

Dustin Hoffman, a great movie.

I should have been more clear. Yes, he is using it as a distraction but I also feel that we must make it clear to China that it can not control the South China Sea.

Don't know if warriors should be on that list

unless the team associates the word with the indigenous people.

This man needs to go to jail.

Once they left his property he did not have a right to pull a gun on them on the main road. Also what pain medication was he on? If he was taking certain pain medications it was illegal for him to be driving and illegal for him to be carrying a weapon.

No one is going to risk going to prison to help trump.

The cabinet serves at the pleasure of the president. Biden would just fire all of them upon taking office.

These people need jail time. n/t

I couldn't even cut my pancakes with it. n/t

If they knew the target was not there,

why did they execute a no-knock warrant?
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