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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Columbia, SC
Home country: United States
Current location: Louisville KY
Member since: Sat May 2, 2020, 03:33 PM
Number of posts: 147

About Me

I was raised to be a right wing Republican. Born in South Carolina. Great grandson of a trial lawyer famous for defending whites on trial for lynching blacks. Strom Thurmond studied in his law firm. Mother dated Thurmond. Nephew of a KKK member. Late father and mother both Republicans. Sister active in Republican politics to this day. The University of South Carolina's political science department and its fraternities, of which I have a degree and membership respectively, are and have been ultra conservative. Lee Atwater was a college and post college drinking buddy. Served in the US Army. For eight years, I was a lobbyist for big oil. I also was an investment banker and I am now and have been a entrepreneur businessman in the financial technology area for the last 25 years. I am a white man and over 60. A church elder. I am in the 2%. To the surprise and disappointment of many people I know and in spite of all the odds, I am a staunch Democrat. I was Executive Director of the South Carolina Democratic Party under Don Fowler.

Journal Archives

If racist leave the Republican Party they are then back to Goldwater Repubs

In 1964, after the crushing defeat of Goldwater, Republicans actively embraced the yellow dog racists Democrats who abandoned the Democratic Party over the voting rights and civil rights acts. The Party of Lincoln was now the Party of bubba. Without Bubba, no Republican President would have been elected in the last 60 years. They thought they could control them but at long last these vile people turned on their "masters" and took over the Grand Ole Party. Now they are threatening to form a new Party setting the Republicans back to the mid 60's. Ironic isn't. The Party of Lincoln betrayed by the South.

Proud Boys etc. trying to frame Antifa for protests . . .


Michael Moore is sounding an alarm. Listen.


Republican Senators and House members have lost control of their Party. Ignore them.

And this includes Trump. The Proud Boys and other white supremist who have controlled the Republican Party since the 60's have now pushed aside these minions who they have used for years as the front for their evil. They have now taken center stage showing the world who the true leaders of the Republican Party are. Negotiations and/or opposition to them is required. Stop dealing with their sycophant's in the House and Senate.

Why are we assuming that law enforcement on 17th and Inaug. Day will do anything different than 6th?

Why do we think this is all over?

Trump is no longer necessary as a leader of these militants

They were formed long before Trump. Have there own command and control and communications network and are planning more violence before and at the inauguration. They are emboldened by their success on the 6th and bent on the overthrow of our government. Trump was the catalyst and trigger. But no longer necessary. There goals are to take over and rule America by force. Only force will stop them now.


Why are so many surprised that the Republicans tried a coup?

The modern Republican Party came to power with Nixon embracing Southern white racists disappointed that the South lost the civil war. Nurtured and expanded by Ronald Reagan whose main political rallying cry was that "Government is not the solution. Government is the problem." Embraced by the Tea Party who wanted to gut government by eliminating government funding. Galvanized with Gingrich's Contract With(On) America bringing in the open practice of demonizing Democrats. Militarized by the NRA's "cold dead hands" promotion of well armed paramilitary that have the right to overthrow any majority government with whom they disagree. And lastly Trump. Embodying all that is and will forever be the Republican Party. Yet there is surprised that they attempted a violent coup.

But you can still hear those that ask "What has happened to the Republican Party?". " Heard some Republican Senators are thinking about opposing Trump". "Did you hear that Republican's resigned(two weeks before they are to be fired) in protest over Trump."


Sorry news media, surprised now ex-Republicans and their sympathizers. The Republican Party is and has always been evil. Evil must be confronted and vanquished. For too long, too many have looked the other way and not stood up to their anti-American and anti-democratic dogma and actions. Stop acting surprised. Start confronting these monsters with words and non-violent deeds. And stop implying they are anything but what they are - evil.

Let's expose this Trump attempted coup for what it is . .

A Russian initiative plot to overthrow American democracy by using an American they have turned into their agent with the full aid and support of the Republican Party as willing accomplices to this sedition.

We have now moved from Constitutional process to Constitutional authority

Conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the constitutional authority of the state is the definition of sedition. Sedition is a serious felony punishable by fines and up to 20 years in prison.

Joe Scarborough just tried to equate Republican MAGATS to peace protestors of the 60's.

In his effort to justify Republican dogma that he helped create and has lead to this anti-democratic Ronald Reagan "Government is the problem." attempt by Republicans to destroy our democracy he has drawn a moral equivalency to the peace protests of the 60'. His ego will not let him admit that he helped sow the seeds of this sedition. No Joe. Stop rationalizing this evil. You were wrong then. We rejected the fascism of your Republican Party then and your efforts to justify them today. And the peace protestors of the 60's were right.
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