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Member since: Thu Apr 23, 2020, 07:25 AM
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This is a BIG SHIT Sandwich for Senators Collins and Graham and other Repukes running for the Senate

RBG's passing and the absolute hypocrisy of Mitch McConnell and the Republicans in their haste to replace her is going to turn out to be a Big Shit Sandwich for their caucus and the reelection chances of Senators Collins and Graham.

Most Americans other than the extreme tRump worshipers out there know hypocrisy when they see it and this is the height of hypocrisy.
The Turd-le set precedent when he blocked Merrick Garland and now that the shoe is on the other foot he wants to reverse field. This will destroy his chances of retaining the Senate.

Also, make no mistake if the Republican pond scum do this; we will put the filibuster in the ash bin of history and we will add four progressive judges to the SCOTUS.

They will not benefit one iota with this bullshit! They are truly playing with dynamite here.

Americans as refugees!

My wife and I have had ongoing conversations about getting the hell out of here if tRump steals this election.

I say steal because there is no fucking way this asshole will win fairly. He knows it! Just look at the shit he and his Repug cronies are doing in full view. He has the courts stacked with right wing loyalists, he has DOJ in his court, he has the USPS set up to prevent mail in ballots from being counted, he has his sycophants in Congress standing meekly by while he violates law after law and he has his armed idiots in the police departments and his right wing militias carrying and using assault weapons on our streets!

Now, we have a pandemic and Americans can't go anywhere, so we wait anxiously for a vaccine. Hopefully, once there is a preventative available we can get it and other countries will open their doors to those of us who still believe in democracy and hopefully, he and his violent followers will want us; who have resisted, to leave. Logic would dictate that he would want us gone rather than keep millions of us here against our will. We'd be less of a threat to him if he could get us out of "his" country. Make no mistake about it as this shit hole would be "his" country to do with as he wants if he's able to prevent the people's choice from taking office.

We hope that other countries will be charitable to us and will remember what the US did for the world back when we were good and decent. Americans as refugees!!! Can you imagine that?!? How very sad...

Totally ignoring this shit show!

I've totally ignored this shit show of lies, fear mongering, tRump worship and negativity!

My wife and I have a small group of friends who we had dinner with periodically prior to COVID. They are all progressives and are pretty much in agreement on most issues. Now, we share drinks once a week either via Zoom or in open spaces while socially distancing. A couple among the group said they were going to force themselves to watch at least some segments of the RNC shit show. I admire them for trying to hear out both sides, but I cannot bear to watch anymore of this bullshit! We've had nearly four years of constant lies, attacks on our democracy, bigotry, misogyny and spewing hatred from this bunch. I cannot stand another minute of it.

I don't want to listen to them, I don't want to understand them and I don't want to reach out to them. I want to kick their asses, win this election (hopefully in a landslide) and then put as many of them on trial for their criminal acts as possible. We need to make an example of all of them, so that this shit show never happens again!

Harris - Feel the sizzle

I'm a progressive. I want universal health care, guaranteed incomes, a substantial boost in Social Security benefits, elimination of the tax cap on FICA, free college tuition at state universities, elimination and replacement of fossil fuels with clean renewable energy, the end of racism, bigotry and misogyny in our society, return to fair progressive taxation and affordable housing for all.

My ideal ticket would be Warren-Sanders or Sanders-Warren.

All that being said, we've got to win to govern and this ticket of Biden/Harris is our ticket to govern and bring back Democracy from the edge. WE CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE THIS ONE!

I told my progressive friends; who all wanted Joe to choose Elisabeth, that Kamala would be the best choice. That she would bring the sizzle to the ticket and create the excitement and energy we need to actually win this thing!

Today, I am so happy that Joe made the correct choice.

Why we need to return to higher marginal tax rates and close loopholes.

Exhibit A as to why we need to return to higher marginal tax rates and eliminate loopholes on incomes.

Next time you think some billionaire is being generous and you think we should depend on their acts of kindness instead of them being taxed fairly and the government allocating the revenues - THINK TWICE!

Read this eye opening article in today's Guardian.


Got to be smart about this.

Mark Meadows stated that tRump is planning on sending these Federal Storm Troopers to more cities naming only cities run by Democratic mayors.


We've got to be smart about this. Shut down protesting in progressive cities and target cities run by GOP knuckle draggers. Force tRump and his thugs to shut down these violent operations in blue cities and make them send their storm troopers to red cities!

Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman retired (forced out) today...

Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman retired from the U.S. Army today after months of harassment by tRump and his cronies!

We cannot allow a true patriot to be trampled on for telling the truth under oath. We must make tRump and his sycophants pay for their gross misuse of power.

More than that we must make certain that what Lt. Colonel Vindman said below is indeed true. It is the least we can do for a true American hero!

“Dad, my sitting here today in the U.S. Capitol, talking to our elected officials, is proof that you made the right decision 40 years ago to leave the Soviet Union and come here to United States of America in search of a better life for our family,” he testified. “Do not worry, I will be fine for telling the truth.”

Vote tRump, McConnell, McCarthy and the rest of the stinking GOP out come November!

Then we should demand that Joe Biden and the U.S. Army reinstate Lt. Colonel Vindman with all his back pay and give him a big promotion.
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