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Name: FuckOff
Gender: Male
Home country: KissmyAss
Member since: Tue Apr 21, 2020, 02:48 AM
Number of posts: 10,682

About Me

Fuck All You Trolls

Journal Archives

Mexican Death Maiden

The Party of Law and Order

God, Guns, and Country - States of Unrest (Vice)

For some Americans, their disenchantment with the current system has pushed them to want less government and support more personal freedom, but there’s still times in which those same people want the government stepping in. So when should citizens decide what's best for their own future and when should the government intervene? VICE hits the campaign trail to follow Lauren Boebert and see how her message of freedom, guns and Trump is gaining support from voters in rural Colorado. And in the wake of Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death, VICE visits the last abortion clinic in Montgomery, Alabama to understand the new challenges that could be presented if Roe v. Wade is reversed.

When the GOP sends us ...

Detroit woman suing N.C. pastor who peed on her on plane in multimillion dollar lawsuit


A Detroit woman has sued a North Carolina pastor and his church in a multi-million dollar lawsuit after he urinated on her while on an airplane earlier this month, according to court documents.

Alicia Beverly, 25, hired attorney Geoffrey Fieger to sue the Raleigh pastor and the church he works with for over $2 million after he peed on her while she was asleep on a Delta flight from Las Vegas to Detroit on October 13.

Fieger claims that the pastor had a blood alcohol content above .17 when he was taken into custody by Detroit police when the plane landed. In Michigan, it is illegal to drive with a BAC of .08 or higher.

“It is difficult to believe that a church would hire a Pastor who boarded a plane drunk and has a proclivity to urinate on passengers. Considering the times we are living in, nothing surprises me anymore," Fieger said in a statement announcing the lawsuit Thursday.

According to the lawsuit that was filed with the Wayne County Circuit Court, the pastor is being sued for committing acts of negligence, gross negligence, willful and wanton misconduct, sexual assault and battery and infliction of emotional distress against Beverly.

Biden event in Texas cancelled as 'armed' Trump supporters threaten campaign bus


Joe Biden campaigners were forced to cancel an event in Texas on Friday as tensions flared in the key battleground state ahead of election day.

Local Democrats said they were forced to pull the plug on a gathering scheduled to take place in Pflugerville – a small city about 17 miles north of Austin – due to "security reasons".

It came as vice-presidential candidate, senator Kamala Harris, completed a whistle-stop three-city tour of the Lone Star state in a last-minute bid for votes.

Traditionally a Republican stronghold, the battle for Texas's 38 electoral college votes is likely to go down to the wire.

President Trump has a slight lead in the state, according to FiveThirtyEight's latest poll update. But that advantage is within the margin of error and a Biden win in Texas could be key to his path to the White House.

Seriously - The Lincoln Project

Lame Duck Armageddon - While the Rest of Us Die

For months after the election, a defeated President stays in office, known as a lame-duck. But, an outgoing President still possesses all the powers of the office. He still has the power to execute the Presidential Emergency Action Documents (PEADs) – classified, and never revealed to the public, executive orders, proclamations and messages to Congress. PEADs are drafted by each President, conferring currently unknown powers in times of emergency. An emergency the lame-duck President can declare. The existence of PEADs is just one of the many secret plans of America’s shadow government – one whose primary mission is to make sure it survives, even While The Rest Of Us Die.

Who Is Donald J. Trump? - Narrated By Julianne Moore (Video)

Rapper Adopts Dog Thrown At Him

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