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Dial H For Hero

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Member since: Mon Apr 20, 2020, 10:25 AM
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Just bought it a couple of hours ago!
Posted by Dial H For Hero | Fri Jul 9, 2021, 09:13 PM (5 replies)

A mom missed her flight at the Orlando airport. Then came the meltdown, video shows


A mother traveling with her kids was caught on video having a meltdown at Orlando International Airport.

On video widely shared on social media, the video starts with the woman screaming at staffers at the Frontier ticket counter. She begins throwing objects, including a separation pole, while her small daughter cries and her son looks on calmly.

“Mommy!” the hysterical girl yells. “I don’t want you to go to jail!”



(not sure how to embed instagram videos, but the above link should work)

The Instagram post says (in Spanish) that the mother was on the no-fly list. Can't imagine why....

I'm flying to Detroit tomorrow morning. Let's hope there's no drama such as this!
Posted by Dial H For Hero | Thu Jul 8, 2021, 07:21 PM (22 replies)

UK weighs ban on boiling live lobsters


The United Kingdom is weighing a ban on boiling live lobsters, crabs and other crustaceans amid a push from animal welfare activists to include the invertebrates in legislation that would recognize them as sentient beings.

Legislation currently being weighed in the House of Lords would not only seriously boost animal welfare protections but also require the government to consider animals' feelings when writing regulations.

Though the legislation currently only includes vertebrates, lawmakers are weighing expanding it to include invertebrates such as lobsters, as well as octopuses and mussels, according to The Times.

The legislation comes as the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said it has commissioned a study to examine the creature’s sentience.


Describing a lobster (let alone a mussel) as sentient and having feelings seems a bit of a stretch.
Posted by Dial H For Hero | Thu Jul 8, 2021, 09:01 AM (22 replies)

Ferrari unveils $320,000 hybrid sports car in its race to electric


MILAN, June 24 (Reuters) - Ferrari (RACE.MI) unveiled a new first plug-in hybrid car on Thursday as the luxury sports car maker famed for its roaring combustion engines retools its range for an electric era.

The 296 GTB is Ferrari's third hybrid to go into series production, which excludes limited-edition vehicles. It follows the SF 90 Stradale in 2019 and a convertible version, the SF90 Spider, last year.

Ferrari Chief Marketing and Commercial officer Enrico Galliera said the 296 GTB created a new segment.

"If the SF 90 was designed to reach the peak of performance, this has been designed for the peak of pleasure of driving," he said in a web presentation. "We expect this will also help us attract clients who are not driving a Ferrari now."
Posted by Dial H For Hero | Tue Jul 6, 2021, 10:44 AM (6 replies)

The other poster proposed a scenario in which towns are being taken over and the residents

are being executed. The Bundy standoff isn’t remotely in the the same league. This hypothetical situation would result in a massive, overwhelming response.
Posted by Dial H For Hero | Tue Jul 6, 2021, 07:51 AM (0 replies)

The US Marine Corps' first F-35C squadron is now fully ready to fight from the Navy's aircraft carri


he first US Marine Corps F-35C Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter squadron has achieved full operational capability, meaning it is now fully prepared to wage war from Navy aircraft carriers, the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing said in a statement last week.

Marine Fighter Attack Squadron (VMFA) 314, nicknamed the "Black Knights," is the first Marine Corps F-35C squadron to reach this status.

The Marines have traditionally flown the F-35B, a short takeoff/vertical landing (STOVL) variant that can fight from airstrips or amphibious assault ships. Although the F-35B has not yet achieved full operational capability, this jet has been active.

The F-35B deployed for the very first time in March 2018 aboard the amphibious assault ship USS Wasp, and later that year, a Marine Corps F-35B became the first to fly into combat when it took off from the USS Essex to carry out strikes against the Taliban.
Posted by Dial H For Hero | Mon Jul 5, 2021, 10:20 AM (4 replies)

Ukraine's plan for female cadets to march in high heels sparks outrage


Ukraine's defense ministry has been heavily criticized over plans for female cadets to march in high heels at a parade celebrating the country's independence next month.

Photos published by the ministry on Facebook Thursday showed the women from the Military Institute at the Taras Shevchenko National University in the country's capital, Kyiv, marching in the shoes, along with camouflage pants, shirts and hats.

The cadets have been practicing twice daily, for an average of four hours a day, the ministry said in a post alongside the pictures. The Aug. 24 parade in Kyiv will mark the 30th anniversary of the country’s independence.

The images were met with outrage online, with some commenters questioning the choice of footwear and calling it "torture."
Posted by Dial H For Hero | Mon Jul 5, 2021, 10:15 AM (13 replies)

Up in arms over San Jose gun rules, activists promise lawsuit


Gun rights groups, instructors and activists say they’re outraged over San Jose’s proposed gun control ordinances—and they’ve promised to take the city to court if the measures become law.

“The whole proposal is completely disingenuous. It fails to provide any proven solutions. It is blatantly unconstitutional,” said San Jose resident Dave Truslow, a National Rifle Association firearm instructor. “In the meantime, (Mayor Sam Liccardo) is hoping to bask in the sunlight.”

On Tuesday, the San Jose City Council unanimously passed measures that will require all gun owners in the city to carry insurance and pay an annual fee to cover taxpayer costs related to gun violence or risk having their weapons confiscated. The city attorney’s office will return to the council in the fall with an ordinance for final approval.

Gun activists argue that mandating insurance violates the constitutional right to bear arms. They believe insurance and public fees will undermine the ability of low-income individuals to own a gun.
Posted by Dial H For Hero | Mon Jul 5, 2021, 09:15 AM (6 replies)

Toyota tops GM sales in the U.S., expected to be America's best-selling automaker


Toyota Motor outsold General Motors in the U.S. for the first time ever during a quarter and is expected to be America's best-selling automaker.

The Japanese automaker on Thursday reported sales of 688,813 vehicles in the U.S. from April through June. That compares to GM at 688,236 vehicles during the second quarter. Toyota beat analyst expectations, while GM slightly missed forecasts.

The shake-up was caused by a global chip shortage that has significantly hampered vehicle production. Japanese automakers, specifically Toyota, have been able to manage the crisis better than their American competitors.

"They've kind of defied gravity the last couple of months," Cox Automotive senior economist Charlie Chesbrough said. "We're tracking them having very weak inventories out there and yet their sales have actually held up quite well. … We're really kind of surprised by Toyota's strength, and having a decent quarter relative to some of the competition."
Posted by Dial H For Hero | Thu Jul 1, 2021, 11:25 PM (35 replies)

A TV news crew was reporting on a crime spike. Then robbers demanded they hand over their camera.


Filming outside of City Hall in downtown Oakland, Calif., on Monday, a TV news crew was interviewing a city official for a story about a recent spate of violent crime when the journalists became victims themselves.

“I think Oakland deserves better,” Guillermo Cespedes, the city’s chief of violence prevention, told the NBC Bay Area reporters just before two armed men interrupted the interview, knocking a camera to the ground.

The Oakland Police Department said a scuffle broke out as the robbers demanded the cameraman hand over his equipment, the East Bay Times reported. The news crew’s security guard pulled out his own gun and ordered the would-be robbers to leave. They left without stealing any equipment, police said.

“Our colleagues were conducting an interview at Oakland City Hall when they were approached by two armed individuals,” Liza Catalan, a spokeswoman for NBC Bay Area, told The Washington Post in an email. “Thankfully, our colleagues are safe and unharmed.”
Posted by Dial H For Hero | Thu Jul 1, 2021, 04:34 PM (4 replies)
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