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John Ludi

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Member since: Mon Apr 20, 2020, 08:41 AM
Number of posts: 173

About Me

Musician, off-gridder, forager, serial pessimist, social critic, fading voice in the wilderness. http://johnludi.com/

Journal Archives

Weekly Ludi #17

Weekly Ludi #17 is from way back when my generation (X) put the ďDĒ in dysfunctional. This was a satirical take on a certain segment of romantic songwriting from that era. I still find it amusing...which probably makes one of me.


You took away my pride, you damaged me inside
(but left me satisfied---but maybe that was only me?)

You dragged me through the mud and drained my veins of blood,
but passion it did flood, almost drowning me.

(c) You wasted my time and taxed my troubled mind,
now would you be so kind and listen to me whine?

You blackened my skies and told me pointless lies,
itís you I should despise (so why do I think less of me?)

And now I spout clichťs like "Iím the mess you made...
but I wish you would have stayed", now all Iíve got is pathetic me.

I was dysfunctional, you were dysfunctional,
the whole worldís dysfunctional...it should have worked.

Iím not responsible!

Weekly Ludi #16

The limitations of human consciousness are something Iíve found particularly chafing throughout my life...especially these days as things fall apart and minds seem to grow dimmer and smaller. I know itís not a permanent condition, but having to wait for bodily attrition for the mere taste Iíve had of something further and deeper and vaster is burdensome at times. Weekly Ludi #16 is about a character on one of my albums achieving enlightenment. I am often jealous of him, fiction though he is.


All light enters me, unfettered, unbound and free.
My ego retreats in fright, to an unconscious twilight.
A bursting forth has begun, I begin to see all things as one.
A spark in me catches fire, unchained of all earthly desire.
All time and space flows in me, I dissolve in infinity.
Universal perception and sight, I merge with the source and the light.
Words and symbols lose their meaning,
the universe opens wide.
A burning light opens wide,
erasing my ego, my pride
and in this oncoming tide, I succumb.
Time and space expand and fade,
my comprehension, it grows.
I'm free from the ebb and the flow,
I am the above and below
dissolved in this mounting glow...I awake!

Weekly Ludi #15

This recent blast of winter weather after a promising thaw up here in WI inspired the weekís choice (#15) of an atmospheric tune from my latest album, a song about breaking through the ice of intellectual and psychic constraints (both self and culturally imposed).


I'm under the ice, trapped within your frozen soul
The quiet voice of your spirit pure and whole
I'm eternity laughing at your minor mortal role
The twist of fate that shutters all your tiny goals.

Daylight daylight...throw off your chains and step out
Outside outside...the warm summer rains quell your drought
Rise up rise up...constraints are all of the mind
Waken waken...this illusion where all are confined

In your core are stars, down where the frost can't grow.
The ageless spark, those embers still do glow.
Below all the weight and the ever-mounting toll,
Waiting for sunrise to escape this sorry hole.

To the sleepers in their nests, to the slumbering soulful best
in the breaking of the day, another path, a clearer way.
To those silent amidst the din, to those who never join in
to the ritual puppet's dance, the contrived consensual trance
To the ones who watch and doubt as the many revel and shout
in praise of their conditioning and their owner's positioning.

Weekly Ludi #14

Weekly Ludi #14 is an OLD one from 20 years ago, from the Album Hellís Laughter and Heavenís Ache. Itís a somewhat sarcastic take on the notion of Progress (which, like evolution, increasingly seems to be bidirectional).


So here we are all standing on the brink
a bible in one hand, in the other a drink
into diversion we joyously sink
cause itíll be all right as long as we donít think.

Some of us have some clever things to say,
but on reflection they sound bloodless, pale, and gray.
And why introspect when youíd rather play,
and save convictions for some other day?

(c) These pieces never fit, thereís a message we never get
when it comes right down to it.
It seems we donít know much at all, it seems we donít know much at all
So high to climb, so far to fall.
It seems we donít know much at all.

Our own worst tendencies conspire in our fall
and throw us up against destinies wall.
And from their graves our ancestors call:
"Your world is so advanced it doesnít work at all".

So keep the blindfold on, someone else will steer.
Despite appearances, thereís nothing to fear.
Life is beautiful, our futureís bright and clear,
just ask the Mayans (oh sorry, theyíre not here).

Weekly Ludi #13

Weekly Ludi #13 is a another bit of retro-ish upbeat instrumental earbud fodder for an upcoming album of such. Reminds me a bit of the sort of thing Michael Oldfield did in the 80's, at times. Enjoy!


Weekly Ludi #12

Weekly Ludi #12 is a song called MEDIOCRITY...itís a tragicomic song about personal fallibility and self-doubt from my album Rise Above or Fall Below.


I awoke and realized that all my purposes are vain
and every path that I choose leads to another set of chains.
My will to transcend the world leads to more worldly pain,
as seemingly the worlds intent is to drive me insane.

I deserve a break...

My same old strident ego keeps on making its demands
while my juvenile emotions keep me from being a man.
Any solid ground where I tread just dissolves into sand
and everything just falls apart no matter how I plan.

I deserve a break...from me! Mediocrity.

Someone's getting in my way, a malevolence I can't see
who drags me into situations of grief and misery.
He sets me up for failure and observes my fall with glee
(yet in my quiet moments I know that malevolence is just me).

(Love me...love my excuses.)

This empty life, this hallow curse, every tear, every fear, I get worse and worse.
All failed glories I have stalked, every stumbling mile I walk,
every well-meant plan that fails, all potential freedoms jailed...

it's not my fault! (it's ALL my fault!) Blame me? Blame me!

Weekly Ludi #11

(Preface...I've been a studio and live musician for 40 years...I've been posting songs both live-at-home and various tracks off of my albums for a while on social media...so I thought I'd post them on here too.)

Weekly Ludi #11 is from my latest album, Mistakes Have Been Made. Once upon a time I was an avid traveler. So much has changed since then. This song goes out to all those still traveling in this doubtful and precarious world.


Your spirit whispers like a draft in a moldering tomb.
You eye the dusty suitcase lying in the corner of your room.
To don your wings once more and pretend you are free,
as Autumn's wind again compels you to flee.

The parade of novelty for now keeps you engaged,
but the night leaves you pacing an empty stage.
Though the faces may change, the motivations remain the same.
All the traveling you do takes you to the same old place.

It's like thousands of writers coming up with the same old play:
the dream's consistent though the food has a different taste.
After a while you outpace even your favorite regrets...
you're a wandering ghost in a world of marionettes.

Every time you think you've found a home
it's just a place to fly away from.

Thank you...

for the heart! I post infrequently, but it's nice to know that someone appreciates my tiny doses of input.

My latest blog post

I've focused far more on music than writing over the past few years, but here's one I wrote after dumping a bunch of people after the redneck rampage at the capitol. Thought some people here might like it.

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