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Yet another sighting at Le Diplomate


Just leaving this here. Flashback pic.

For those who trash the Democratic Brand... just leaving this here:


Just FYI

People who think the Democratic leadership needs to "do more" or "play hardball":

What exactly do you want them to do?

Be specific, and be sure to look up the rules and procedures for your suggestion before you reply.
People trashing “Democrats” are doing the GOP’s messaging work.

If you want to call out specific people (Schumer, Sinema, Manchin, etc), that makes more sense.

“Democrat” is a brand - and the vast bulk of Dems in elected office are doing amazing work.

Just be more specific.

EDNY: RU Cybercriminal Convicted of Defrauding Millions via Digital Advertising Scheme

It's the "How he did it" that is chilling.
We're just a bunch of sittin' ducks

From EDNY.

Department of Justice
U.S. Attorney’s Office
Eastern District of New York
Friday, May 28, 2021

Russian Cybercriminal Convicted of Defrauding American Companies of Millions of Dollars Through Digital Advertising Scheme
Aleksandr Zhukov Boasted He Was the “King of Fraud”

Aleksandr Zhukov took an old-fashioned fraud into cyberspace to steal millions of dollars from unsuspecting victims.
But his guilty verdict, and the meticulous work of the prosecutors from the United States Attorney’s Office in the Eastern District of New York, highlights the vigilance of our NYPD detectives and law enforcement partners in tracking wrongdoers into the digital frontier,” stated NYPD Commissioner Shea.

The internet is, in large part, freely available to users worldwide because it runs on digital advertising: website owners display advertisements on their sites and are compensated for doing so by intermediaries representing businesses seeking to advertise their goods and services to real human customers. In general, digital advertising revenue is based on how many users click or view the ads on those websites.

As proven at trial, Zhukov used computer programming and infrastructure spread around the world to exploit the digital advertising industry through fraud.
He and his co-conspirators represented to others that they ran legitimate companies that delivered advertisements to real human internet users accessing real internet webpages.
In fact, Zhukov and his co-conspirators faked both the users and the webpages: they programmed computers they controlled to load advertisements on fabricated webpages, via an automated program, in order to fraudulently obtain digital advertising revenue. The victims included The New York Times, The New York Post, Comcast, Nestle Purina, the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, and Time Warner Cable.

The evidence at trial established that between September 2014 and December 2016, Zhukov carried out his digital advertising fraud scheme through a purported advertising network called Media Methane.
Media Methane had business arrangements with other advertising networks whereby it received payments in return for placing advertising placeholders (“ad tags”) on websites. Rather than place these ad tags on real publishers’ websites, however, Media Methane rented more than 2,000 computer servers housed in commercial datacenters in Dallas, Texas, and Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and used those datacenter servers to load ads on fabricated websites, “spoofing” more than 6,000 domains.

To create the illusion that real human internet users were viewing the advertisements loaded onto these fabricated websites, the defendants programmed the datacenter servers to simulate the internet activity of human internet users: browsing the internet through a fake browser, using a fake mouse to move around and scroll down a webpage, starting and stopping a video player midway, and falsely appearing to be signed into Facebook. Zhukov leased more than 650,000 Internet Protocol (“IP”) addresses, assigned multiple IP addresses to each datacenter server, and then fraudulently registered those IP addresses in the names of U.S. companies like Comcast and Time Warner Cable to make it appear that the datacenter servers were residential computers belonging to American internet users who were subscribed to various residential internet service providers.

In discussing the scheme with a co-conspirator, Zhukov boasted about the money he would earn and referred to himself as the “king of fraud.”
As a result of this elaborate scheme, the defendant falsified billions of ad views and caused businesses to pay more than $7 million for ads that were never actually viewed by real human internet users. Zhukov was arrested in Bulgaria in November 2018 and extradited to the United States in January 2019.

The government’s case is being handled by the Office’s National Security and Cybercrime Section.

HRC 2016 on her Supreme Court goals. Oct 19, 2016

Hillary Clinton on Wednesday described her goals for Supreme Court appointments, highlighting how her potential administration would differ from Donald Trump's.

"Clinton said she wanted justices who would defend women's rights, back LGBT rights, support Roe v. Wade and reverse the Citizens United decision and its ability to funnel dark money into elections.
Clinton said she wanted a court to "stand on the side of the people" rather than wealthy donors and corporations

*"Trump said his court would prioritize the right to bear arms and said he would appoint judges who would reverse Roe v. Wade, the decision that protects a woman's right to abortion."

How in the world was backing HRC even a choice to question, for the future security of Women & Human Rights, that generations had clawed their way through a political path to recognization.

The Supreme Court.
Hillary Clinton's record on Human Rights was long & solid.
Those who took for granted the rights they enjoyed yet failed to hear or head the warnings in 2016, carried forward the threat of losing it all today.

Shame on them all as they now clutch those lovely pearls & gasp at the possibility of losing our hard fought rights.
Those who waved away HRC's warnings now speak as though THEY WE NEVER WARNED OF WHAT A LOSS TO HUMAN RIGHTS WE NOW FACE.

I hear them on MSM, read their pleas on social media & we'll the all hear their carefully worded cries for solidarity on the the next campaign trail.

Truth is, Women & Human Rights were simply allowed to slip away because they never ever listened when the warnings were all around them.

Now it's a issue for them? NOW?
I am sickened by what the foolish gave away.

~end rant

"January 6 was an inside job." The Lincoln Project


Jimmy Page: The Tour For A.R.M.S. USA 1983 (A.R.M.S.-Action into Research for Multiple Sclerosis)

The ARMS Charity Concerts were a series of charitable rock concerts in support of Action into Research for Multiple Sclerosis in 1983. The first event took place at the Royal Albert Hall on September 20, 1983, with subsequent dates occurring in the United States, with slightly different lineups of musicians. 

The Tour For A.R.M.S. USA 1983
live at Madison Square Garden, New York
Dec 8, 1983 (the Ronnie Lane encore/celebration is from Dec 9, 1983)

Another piece of Rock N' Roll History here folks.

Blog Reporter: Credit to RMac

"This partial video of the A.R.M.S. concert from Dec 8th, 1983.
I was at this show and was blown away as was the whole crowd. My stepbrother and I sat behind the stage, one level up and front row. I remember Ron Wood jumping the barrier behind the stage holding what appeared to be a bottle of JD. Ray Cooper on percussion stole the show. He was amazing. Joe Cocker was at the top of his game."

"To me, the best part of the show was set three, the Return of Jimmy Page. This mini-tour was the first time Jimmy took to the stage since his good friend and bandmate John Bonham died.
From what I have read, after Bonzo died Jimmy was so depressed, he didn't pick up his guitar for nearly two years and became somewhat of a recluse. He attended a party where Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck were talking about putting this show together. He overheard them and asked if he could join in as well."

"Apparently, they figured he wouldn't want to so they hadn't asked... or so the story goes. Anyway, after Jeff Beck's set, Jimmy comes walking out on stage wearing a dark jacket and scarf and the place went nuts! I'll never forget him waving to the crown, taking his jacket off, strapping on black beauty, rolling up his sleeves and ripping into his adaptation of Chopin's Prelude (as he recorded it on the death wish II soundtrack).
He capped off a his set with an instrumental version of Stairway To Heaven wtih Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton joining in. It was one of the most memorable shows I ever saw.


Biden Will Allow Haitian Immigrants In The US To Obtain Temporary Protected Status/May 22, 2021


May 22, 2020 4:16 pm
Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas
Today, in recognition of the extraordinary and temporary conditions in Haiti, I am announcing Temporary Protected Status for Haiti for 18 months. This new designation enables eligible Haitian nationals to apply for protected status.


The Biden administration will grant more than 100,000 Haitians in the US the opportunity to gain Temporary Protected Status, shielding them from deportation and allowing them to obtain work permits, according to a DHS doc.

The decision, which immigrant advocates have been pushing for several months, comes as Haiti suffers from a growing political crisis. Reports of increased gang violence and kidnappings have roiled parts of the country, which is already struggling to deal with the pandemic.

3:25 PM · May 22, 2021

From Buzzfeed

Biden Will Allow Haitian Immigrants In The US To Obtain Temporary Protected Status
The designation of Temporary Protected Status will apply to Haitians — or individuals without nationality who last resided in Haiti — who were in the US as of May 21.

"I want to remember, He wants to forget" . Tracing the Macedonia Jews

I'm watching a documentary on the Macedonia Jews.
Never known as Jewish myself, tho the results of my daughter's recent geneology report id's 3 % Jewish.
It doesn't surprise me, as in tracing my family from Northern Europe, my mother's side may be where that blessed surprise comes from.
I wish I knew more.🍃
This is another fascinating story of tracing one's history as Jewish people, that I didn't know a lot about, the Macedonia Jews.

"I want to remember, He wants to forget"

During WWll, Solomon Adizes and his son Ichak escaped a Macedonia concentration camp in disguise.

Fifty years ago in Skopje, Macedonia, Solomon Adizes and his son Isaac were sent by the Italians and Bulgarians to a concentration camp.
Disguised as Muslims, they managed to escape to Albania, where they found sanctuary with Muslim villagers. Solomon pretended to be a doctor and was known throughout the entire region.
After the war, they returned to Yugoslavia and from there immigrated to Israel.

Fifty years later Professor Isaac Adizes and his father Solomon return to the concentration camp in the heart of Skopje, and from there back to Albania to meet the family that saved them from the Nazis.

Daily Shade / Speaker Pelosi Edition haaaahaa! 😅

I would give a million to have dinner & drinks with Pelosi & Psaki ~ masters of shade.


Speaker Pelosi on mask guidance for the House and Republicans:
"We have to wait for them to be vaccinated, because they are selfishly an endangerment to other people. … Do you want them breathing in your face, based on the strength of their honor?"

Republicans also voted NOT to fund a Wellness Center, reimburse the Natl Guard etc...


Officer Eugene Goodman

They voted to Not fund a wellness center being named after his coworker that killed himself.

Yet THEY all benefitted from extra protection after the insurrection. At the tax payers expense.

"Talk about defunding the police:
Every House Republican just voted against reimbursing the National Guard, and local and federal law enforcement, including overtime pay and wellness programs for the US Capitol Police, for their response to the January 6 attack on the Capitol.

Thanks that it was saved by just ONE sensible vote.

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