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Member since: Thu Apr 16, 2020, 02:50 PM
Number of posts: 15,104

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Let's Review AG Barr's Congressional Hearing. May 1, 2019

This is a good time to review AG Barr's Congressional Hearing.

*From Aaron Ruper, May 1,2019


Congressional Hearing. May 2019
Attorney General Bill Barr's first congressional testimony following the release of the Mueller report is set to begin soon. Follow along for a video thread:


Bill Clinton & James Patterson on Jimmy Kimmel Tonight

Authors Bill Clinton & James Patterson discuss writing their book "The President's Daughter"

"The President's Daughter is a propulsive, entertaining thriller that takes you into the life of former US President and ex-Navy Seal Matt Keating ...

All presidents have nightmares.
This one is about to come true.
A rocket ride of a thriller—the new blockbuster by President Bill Clinton and James Patterson, “the dream team” (Lee Child).​
Every detail is accurate—because one of the authors is President Bill Clinton. ... "

Together on Kimmel tonight.

re: VP Harris: Lopez Obrador, "It was such a good meeting that I called her 'president"

Hey, Politico...this one's for You!
But…but CNN and Politico said she had a terrible week because she tilted her head, and Ben Shapiro says she laughs too loud. Don’t the Mexicans get it?"

Now stfu.


President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador called Harris an “extraordinary woman” and said bilateral relations had broken new ground after the two leaders met in Mexico City on Tuesday as part of her first trip abroad since taking office.

It’s a completely new phase,” Lopez Obrador told a news conference. “It was such a good meeting that I called her ‘president’.”

Now waiting for the
@GOP to call @VPa traitor.
(& MSNBC/Politico to counter with But..but..but. if they mention it at all 🙄 )

Quote o the Day:

Will Bunch:

It's really frustrating -- infuriating, actually -- to see a big CNN banner about "BIDEN'S STALLED AGENDA" when the real story is "GOP OBSTRUCTION." Mitch McConnell must have a good time laughing at how suckers in the media fall for this act every time

* TC Energy Cancels Critical Keystone XL Pipeline


The Keystone XL pipeline project’s owner, TC Energy, said on Wednesday that it has terminated the controversial pipeline project that would have served as a lifeline to Canadian oilsands producers looking for more takeaway capacity.

TC Energy Corporation (NYSE: TRP) confirmed Wednesday that after careful review of the available options and after consulting with the Government of Alberta, it has officially canceled the Keystone XL.

Construction activities were stopped back in January.

The project’s cancellation comes several months after President Joe Biden revoked the Presidential Permit for the pipeline on January 20 of this year, in what was mostly seen as a death blow for the pipeline.

The inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th president of the United States took place on January 20, 2021

Jan 20th 2021, he cancelled the Keystone Permit


BTW, KOCH's are heavily invested in Canadian Tar Sands, owning much of the property within & surrounding the area of drilling/mining.

Bet they hate Joe Biden even more today!

#psakibombs... Just in, Psaki responds. "VP Harris at the Border"

So this actually happpened: Reporter references "Republicans and conservatives going crazy on Twitter" about @VP @KamalaHarris and the border, and says "Don't they have a point?"

Watch Psaki respond.



Scientists Find Cheap And Easy Way To Extract Lithium From Seawater

Tho still in early stages of development, its encouraging to know Science is always searching for ways to improve.
Especially concerning environmentally toxic damage from mining & extreme depletion of water tables with extraction of Lithium.

HERE'S HOW Scientists Did It:

In a paper published in the journal Energy & Environmental Science, the researchers explain that the membrane’s crystal structure contains holes just wide enough to let lithium ions pass through while blocking larger metal ions.

The cell itself, on the other hand, contains three compartments.
Seawater flows into a central feed chamber, where positive lithium ions pass through the LLTO membrane into a side compartment that contains a buffer solution and a copper cathode coated with platinum and ruthenium.

At the same time, negative ions exit the feed chamber through a standard anion exchange membrane, passing into a third compartment containing a sodium chloride solution and a platinum-ruthenium anode.

Lai and his group tested the system using seawater from the Red Sea. At a voltage of 3.25V, the cell generates hydrogen gas at the cathode and chlorine gas at the anode. This drives the transport of lithium through the LLTO membrane, where it accumulates in the side-chamber. This lithium-enriched water then becomes the feedstock for four more cycles of processing, eventually reaching a concentration of more than 9,000 ppm.

To make the final product pure enough so that it meets battery manufacturers’ requirements
, the scientists then adjusted the pH of the solution to deliver solid lithium phosphate that contains mere traces of other metal ions.

According to the researchers, the cell will probably need $5 of electricity to extract 1 kilogram of lithium from seawater.
This means that the value of hydrogen and chlorine produced by the cell would end up offsetting the cost of power, and residual seawater could also be used in desalination plants to provide fresh water.


"They know, don't they? Dogs just know"


"A reporter was doing a story about dogs in the shelter — when this good boy came up and hugged him — and wouldn’t let go.

The reporter ended-up adopting him...

More dog tales on RexChapman twitter page replies 🐾

"Russia will completely remove U.S. dollar assets from its National Wealth Fund".



*Russia will completely remove U.S. dollar assets from its National Wealth Fund.

*Timothy Ash, senior emerging markets sovereign strategist at BlueBay Asset Manager, described the decision to ditch U.S. dollar assets as "very political."

*The Biden administration imposed a raft of new sanctions against Moscow in April.


Russia says it will remove dollar assets from its wealth fund

Replying to
"Let’s you know the Russian wealth fund has already been plundered by the Putin . Gang & dollars are in other ex Russia funds or transmitted into other instruments of value; either way the Russian treasury is likely by heavily depleted, Putin’s bulging at the seams. Reasonable"?

Replying to
"Next month the Federal Reserve will preview a US Digital Dollar. A digital dollar that will not only make cross-border payments instantaneous but allow the US Dollar to effectively remain the globe's reserve currency. Russia and other totalitarian states do not like that. "

Two useless cats For Sale. Will take any offer


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