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Member since: Thu Apr 16, 2020, 02:50 PM
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Trump interview after the Towers fell. " and now it's the tallest"


Uranium1/Hillary propaganda was pushed by Erik Prince thru Breitbart



Bye Cohen, Hello Woodward

Joe Biden Ad "Donald Trump knew."


🤬 CY VANCE was the DA in Robert Hadden's 2014 Sexual Assault Plea Deal

(Or, yet another reason why I don't trust Manhattan Judge Cy Vance to handle Trump's tax return case)

Four sexual assault victims say Cy Vance spared pervy Columbia doctor jail time due to campaign donations

OCT 22, 2017


Robert Hadden, the gynecologist accused of sexually abusing patients, accepted a plea deal and avoided jail time.

For over a year, four women struggled to understand why a demented Columbia University gynecologist was allowed to plead guilty to assaulting only some of them without serving any jail time.

Now, following questions about Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance Jr.'s investigations into the Trump SoHo development and Harvey Weinstein, they think they know why: They believe the prosecutor was compromised by campaign donations.

Hadden was represented by Isabelle Kirshner, whose firm and partners have donated $42,000 to Vance since 2008. Kirshner, of Clayman & Rosenberg, donated $250 the same day she submitted a motion opposing the prosecutors' plan to use evidence from patients whose assaults fell outside the statute of limitations, CBS News reported Saturday.
She also donated $1,000 to Vance two months after Hadden was sentenced.

This is a prior part of the story today of Evelyn Yang's outing of Robert Hadden.


SEPT 9, 2020
New York gynecologist charged with six federal sex abuse counts


CY VANCE IS Corruptable.
In Hadden, Trump Soho, & Weinstein cases, Vance's past failure to prosecute Jared & Ivanka leaves me doubtful that he will fairly handle any upcoming tax case of Donald Trump.

The State should ask for Trump's tax case be given to another Judge.

Mattis to former DNI Dan Coats: "JFC THIS F**KIN' GUY. LORD HELP US."


Video snippet/ From tonights Maddow interview with Michael Cohen


Rachel Maddow's ratings will be off the charts tonight.
Join the millions, Set to record. Do not miss it...

Belarus protests: Opposition leader 'tore up passport' to avoid expulsion

OMG. This story!

This is what dictators do to stay in power forever.
Putin, Lukashenko & don't anyone even doubt that Trump has been guarenteed the same.

No One Knows Where She Is At This Point


Belarus protests: Opposition leader 'tore up passport' to avoid expulsion

A detained Belarus opposition leader prevented officials from forcibly expelling her to Ukraine by tearing up her passport and throwing it out of a car window at the border, colleagues who travelled with her have said.

On Monday Maria Kolesnikova was forced into a van by masked men in Minsk.

She is one of three women who joined forces to challenge President Alexander Lukashenko in August's election.

Mass protests erupted after the disputed vote.

"She was pushed into the back seat (of the car), she yelled that she wasn't going anywhere," Ms Kolesnikova's colleague Anton Rodnenkov told a news conference in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, on Tuesday.

The three were taken to the border with Ukraine by men in plain clothes early on Tuesday morning, Mr Rodnenkov said.

But when the car reached a checkpoint between the two countries, Ms Kolesnikova prevented her deportation by ripping up her passport and throwing away the pieces, he said.

"It was clear that she was being taken by force, she was resisting,"
Mr Rodnenkov said.

"She climbed, climbed from the car and she walked proudly to Belarusian territory," Mr Kravtsov said, adding: "She's really a hero. You must understand that. She's very dedicated to what she's doing now."

Last month Ms Kolesnikova told BBC Russian in an interview: "To understand exactly what's going on, you really have to be here."


Australia confirming that it has purchased 26 million doses of the Oxford COVID19 vaccine




"Australia will receive the first doses of an AstraZeneca and Oxford University COVID-19 vaccine in January 2021 if trials prove successful, after Canberra agreed a deal to purchase a second potential vaccine, Prime Minister Scott Morrison will say on Monday.

Australia said in August it had signed a preliminary agreement with AstraZeneca for enough doses for its population of nearly 26 million, which would be manufactured locally by pharmaceutical company CSL."


New weather site I found. Severe Weather Europe


Interesting...have a look if you're not familiar with it.
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