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Member since: Thu Apr 16, 2020, 02:50 PM
Number of posts: 2,939

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Take the "Spot The Troll" Test / By The Clemson University Media Forensics Hub


The quiz where YOU examine images of real social media content and decide whether it's from a legitimate account or an internet troll.

A brilliant quiz by Prof. ⁦Darren Linvill and his team of researchers.

It's a challenging & heightening test of your social media skills.
(And it's more difficult than most people think)

Take the test yourself! 👍

George Nader: How a convicted paedophile became key to an Emirati hook-up with Trump


FROM THE ARTICLE of July 2019....

Honest to god.. Trump's Peace Deal was long ago brokered by George Nader, Jared Kushner, Steve Bannon & Erik Prince, to name a few.

The story tells more than I ever wanted to know.
Eye opening tale of corruption & conmen.

And here we are today. 🙁


George Nader: How a convicted paedophile became key to an Emirati hook-up with Trump

How did a convicted criminal and serial paedophile come to be one of the main points of contact between President Donald Trump's inner circle and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed (MBZ) of Abu Dhabi?

As far back as the Reagan era, George Nader was attempting to make himself indispensable
to successive US administrations by offering back-channel lines of communication with figures in the Middle East who might otherwise remain out of reach.

In recent years, as a senior political adviser to the crown prince, Nader has been helping MBZ in his dealings with both Moscow and Washington, and has been key to the establishment of a new alliance between the Trump administration, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

A fascinating read ~

"Remember your life before.." / Vid from Don Winslow


Tweet: "I am just soo weary, I'm sick of hearing his name..."

" I am just soo weary, I知 sick of hearing his name, I知 sick of that screeching voice, I知 sick of his kids, I知 sick of his wife, I知 sick of him constantly being on my TV, I知 sick that I can稚 get away from him, I知 sick of his lies & I知 sick of our country with him in it."

The Barr Memo and the Imperial Presidency / JANUARY 17, 2019

William Barr is living out every belief he's ever had of dismanteling the US Constitution & installing a Unitary Executive Priviledge to the Imperial Presidency.
Barr & Trump are both playing off the insanity of each other.


The Barr Memo and the Imperial Presidency

Constitutionally, it is wrong to conceive of the President as simply the highest officer within the Executive branch hierarchy. He alone is the Executive branch.納1]

The conception of presidential power embraced in the Barr Memo goes well beyond the ordinary unitary executive claims. I have taken to calling it the imperial executive, in part because no Attorney General has ever come so close to accepting Louis XIV痴 motto, 鏑弾tat c弾st moi. This theory revives the view of executive power that launched a thousand signing statements, generated the torture memo, and justified warrantless domestic surveillance in spite of the legal prohibitions in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. It is impossible to conceive of all the damage this theory will do in the hands of the Trump Administration, and a full catalog would require a book length post. I would, nonetheless, like to highlight a few implications that strike me as immediately obvious.

The independent agencies are unconstitutional.
William Barr痴 view of presidential power would hold independent agencies unconstitutional, overturning nearly a century of Supreme Court precedent and upending dozens of regulatory agencies


"The unitary executive theory is a theory of United States constitutional law which holds that the President of the United States possesses the power to control the entire executive branch."

I believe Nixon attempted to install an Imperial Presidency also.

omfg!..."Texas Supreme Court rules 3 Green Party candidates should be added back to November ballot"



"Thus setting the stage for demands to inspect all mailed ballots to challenge any that did not have Green on it as possible choice.

Only question is whether inspections will occur only for ballots with Dem votes, due to who is doing the complaining.

Kamala Harris reflects a multiracial America. Representation matters

A great video on how Kamala Harris reflects a multiracial America.
Representation matters.

Millions in counterfeit cash seized at North Dakota border crossing


Brief story . Pembina is a town in NE North Dakota, bordering Canada & US.
North of Grand Forks, ND & south of Winnipeg, Canada.

Millions in counterfeit cash seized at North Dakota border crossing

PEMBINA, ND (KFGO) More than $3.5 million in counterfeit US currency was seized Friday by Customs and Border Protection officers at the Pembina port of entry.

Customs and Border Protection says agents working commercial cargo targeted a shipment described as toy guns.
An inspection of the shipment found nine toy guns, along with 36,000 counterfeit $100 bills.

I'd like to find out the back-tracing on this.
Who, what & where the counterfeit movement of money originated.

(Damn!) "Lukashenko seeks Putin's help in attempt to survive mass protests"


Lukashenko seeks Putin's help in attempt to survive mass protests
Russian leader agrees to $1.5bn loan with Minsk and says Belarus crisis should be resolved without foreign interference.

Russia has agreed to a $1.5bn loan with Minsk, President Vladimir Putin said at talks on Monday with Alexander Lukashenko, the embattled Belarusian leader, adding that the Belarusian people should resolve the crisis without foreign interference.

Putin, in comments broadcast on television from the talks in Russia's Sochi, said he thought a proposal by Lukashenko to carry out constitutional reform was logical and timely.

Lukashenko arrived in Sochi to meet Putin on Monday, as protests continued across Belarus seeking the end of his rule following a disputed August 9 election.

On Monday, the UN rights council agreed to host an urgent debate on reports of violence at the hands of authorities during protests.

Lukashenko, 65, last week gave an interview to Russian journalists, including Margarita Simonyan, editor-in-chief of Kremlin-controlled channel RT, in which he warned that if his government falls, "Russia will be next".

Lukashenko, who has ruled the Eastern European nation of 9.5 million people with an iron fist since 1994, has previously blamed the West for fomenting demonstrations in Belarus in hopes of turning it into a "bridgehead against Russia".

JFC ~ THIS is Vladimer Putin
1.5 Billion to control Belarus protestors. I'd call that 'foreign interferance', Vlad.

Sunday 9/13 - 100,000 Continue to Protest for Belarus


More pics & statements at Twitter link

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