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Member since: Thu Apr 16, 2020, 02:50 PM
Number of posts: 2,939

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Mueller Investigations. "BARR's job was to keep Mueller from talking about it"

DOJ releases numerous redactions of The Mueller Report by Bill Barr.

(Source: https://threader.app/thread/1307075233703133184)

MUST READ. DOJ Timeline of previously redacted papers.


The broader pattern: Bill Barr seems to have kept with the US Media's initial frame that the "Internet Research Agency" was "young people" "trolling" for "Putin's chef," rather than the IRA being a very well-funded, organized intelligence attack on the 2016 U.S. election. 🤬

Vol 1. Page 4: Barr redacts Russian agents on the ground in 2014 collecting images to use in propaganda, targeting Native Americans, immigrant Latinos, Black Americans - anyone poor.

Vol. 1 Page 23: Barr covers up the extensiveness with which Russian intelligence was able to use Facebook's proprietary audience tools to enhance propaganda effectiveness for the 2016 election.

Vol. 1 Page 26: Russian intelligence created a list of "target accounts" on Twitter for their trolls to impact: politicians, public figures, public opinion leaders.Barr thought you shouldn't know about Russia's activities.

The United States Intelligence Community was out with the Facebook and Twitter stories in general by January 2017 in PUBLIC TESTIMONY.

The notion that Barr was "protecting" investigations seems like horseshit.

He was preventing MUELLER from talking about it. 🤬Remember, MUELLER would be coming out with his report, which the WORLD waited for.

By reducing Mueller's ability to discuss Russia's attack, Barr limited Mueller's ability to warn Americans for the 2020 election and *allowed* Congressional scumbags to call it a hoax



"Australia, South Korea, Japan & the US navy's sailing the Pacific together....like Cold War again"



Replying to

and 3 others
Well, Putin is trying to take over shipping lanes all over the world
(And add China/Iran .. to the mix & things may get tense, and who's the Commander in Chief of the US?
F'ing Donald Trump.

MCConnell's top SC pics..Federalist, Extreme Catholic, Kavanaugh pal & frightening other one


Who might succeed Justice Ginsburg? Trump's short list begins with these four women (and one man)


Thrre are no acceptable choces on this list of 4.

McConnell's been waiting a long time for this opportunity of ultimate power.
He will ram his choice thru faster than anything.
He needs to please the KKKristian base by Nov 3rd.

These choices are all just frightening.& I fear for Roe & LGBTQ, Women & girls & bňys of all races, & that is a damned tragedy.

If you would like to honor what RBG fought for, please give to Joe and Kamala directly. LINK..



ALSO please consider Amy McGrath as she takes on McConnell. Harrison, Kelly & our fighting Dems & turn our Senate & House Blue in RBG's name.

Thank you.


Soon. Don Winslow's next Ad to drop will be with....Mr. "Born in the U.S.A "...Bruce!!


Following on the heels of Winslow's "IVANKA" ad comes BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN!

He asked for 1 million views on IVANKA & we delivered.

CGI presents 'Build Back Greener' for the Island States



The week of September 21, the CGI Action Network will bring together heads of state with business and civil leaders to promote a sustainable recovery and investments for island states

The virtual week of action includes:

*Monday, September 21 – Building Back Greener: Promoting an Inclusive and Sustainable Caribbean Recovery
*Tuesday, September 22 – The Future is Now: Inspiration from Youth-Led Activism in the Caribbean
*Wednesday, September 23 – Opportunities for Investment in Renewable Energy
*Thursday, September 24 – COVID-19 in the Caribbean: Public Health Challenges and Innovations

NEW YORK, NY – From September 21 to September 24, President Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton will virtually convene members of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Action Network -- leaders from business, government, and civil society -- to drive action on resilience efforts in the Caribbean.
The Action Network’s efforts started in 2018 in direct response to Hurricanes Maria and Irma, and have been revamped to address the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in the region.

As the global community continues to address climate change and extreme weather events, Action Network members will continue
to address the urgent need to foster economic recovery and growth in the Caribbean while also grappling with the effects of COVID-19.


CNN Livestream: AC town hall with Joe Biden


CNN App...


Any other livestreams available?

FYI: Biden Town Hall with Anderson Cooper 8 ET/CNN

Think he'll ask Joe about Barr's latest power reach?

I can't wait to hear this reasonable American leader offer some hope for us to hang onto right now.

💙 Thanks Joe Biden

CNN is not holding back. Comparing qualifications


Well done CNN.

Hours before troops cleared GeorgeFloyd protesters in DC,feds requested heat ray and ammunitions


Replying to
This bombshell & Barr's statement yesterday about protesters being charged with sedition should send shivers up everyone's spine.

Barr's trial run for future protests (re: post election theft)



Army National Guard major told Congress feds requested heat ray and stockpiled ammunition before clearing DC protest
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