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Member since: Thu Apr 16, 2020, 01:50 PM
Number of posts: 12,563

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"They know, don't they? Dogs just know"


"A reporter was doing a story about dogs in the shelter — when this good boy came up and hugged him — and wouldn’t let go.

The reporter ended-up adopting him...

More dog tales on RexChapman twitter page replies 🐾

"Russia will completely remove U.S. dollar assets from its National Wealth Fund".



*Russia will completely remove U.S. dollar assets from its National Wealth Fund.

*Timothy Ash, senior emerging markets sovereign strategist at BlueBay Asset Manager, described the decision to ditch U.S. dollar assets as "very political."

*The Biden administration imposed a raft of new sanctions against Moscow in April.


Russia says it will remove dollar assets from its wealth fund

Replying to
"Let’s you know the Russian wealth fund has already been plundered by the Putin . Gang & dollars are in other ex Russia funds or transmitted into other instruments of value; either way the Russian treasury is likely by heavily depleted, Putin’s bulging at the seams. Reasonable"?

Replying to
"Next month the Federal Reserve will preview a US Digital Dollar. A digital dollar that will not only make cross-border payments instantaneous but allow the US Dollar to effectively remain the globe's reserve currency. Russia and other totalitarian states do not like that. "

Two useless cats For Sale. Will take any offer


Disgraced George P Bush's tRump swag..


Scott Braddock
"I missed out on the @georgepbush swag yesterday:
The koozie says "this is the only Bush that likes me. This is the Bush that got it right. I like him" - Donald Trump #txlege

All Bushes should be asked whether they believe the Big Lie.

Looking for statistics on deportation during tRump, & the current lack of job seekers

I've found that approx 6 million immigrant/migrant workers were impacted due to the COVID shut down i.e. job.losses due to businesses closing etc, & also due to tRump's sevre deportation/migrant policies.

My question is more about the current job conditions.
How many of the many current job openings are now due to loss of deportation or immigration stalls.

Just looking for an approximate number when considering why service employers are now facing a difficult time with re-staffing as businesses re-open.

Yes, wages are an issue, however the question remains, "Where did all the workers go?"

I believe a large majority of various service workers were deported/threatened or the stoppage of immigration under tRump.

Anyone know of a resource to show the numbers for that particular demographic?


@NeeraTanden46 for all your White House Senior Advisor needs

Follow @NeeraTanden46 for all your White House Senior Advisor needs.





Dire Straits * Money for Nothing - 1985

From 1985, "Brothers in Arms" album

February 1850, POTUS Zachary Taylor, "Persons taken in rebellion against the Union, he would hang ..."


In February 1850, POTUS Zachary Taylor, in a conference with southern leaders who threatened secession, told them that if necessary to enforce the laws, he personally would lead the Army.
Persons “taken in rebellion against the Union, he would hang … with less reluctance than he had hanged deserters and spies in Mexico.”
He never wavered. “Old Rough & Ready” Zachary Taylor was one tough S.O.B.
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