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Member since: Thu Apr 16, 2020, 02:50 PM
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A dog with an axe.

Just passing this along ~

21 charged federally in drug ring at UNC frats. North Carolina,Duke & Appalachian State U


Twenty-one people -- including current and former students from University of North Carolina, Duke University, and Appalachian State University -- have been arrested for dealing drugs at and on college campuses.

United States Attorney Matthew Martin, a UNC alumnus, said the arrested drug dealers were not small-time drug users, but instead "hardened drug dealers."

"This is a large drug network and supply chain fueling a drug culture at fraternities and within these universities and around these universities and towns,"
Martin said.

He said the suspects were responsible for moving thousands of pounds of marijuana, hundreds of kilograms of cocaine, LSD, molly, mushrooms, steroids, HGH, Xanax and other narcotics.

The investigation started years ago.
The Orange County Sheriff's Office and the Drug Enforcement Agency launched an investigation in November 2018 into cocaine being sold in the Chapel Hill area.

How Doug Jones finally prosecuted the 16th Street Baptist Church bombers

How Doug Jones Brought KKK Church Bombers to Justice
Jones helped convict two men nearly 40 years after their crimes.

Although Jones was only a boy himself when the bombing happened, the government didn’t release the FBI’s evidence against these men for decades.
By the time the government finally declassified the these files, Jones had been appointed a U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama by President Bill Clinton, and was able to prosecute the case.

Prosecutor Doug Jones arriving at the Jefferson County Criminal Justice Center in Birmingham, Alabama, May 6, 2002. Jones was the prosecutor in the Bobby Frank Cherry murder trial. Cherry is accused in the bombing deaths of four young black girls in the 1963 explosion at the 16th Street Baptist Church. (Credit: Dave Martin/AP Photo)

I can't think of a better AG for what we face today.

Thank You NAACP & your new partner, The Lincoln Project



"Education is the key . Debunk all those lies that go back to times of slavery"

Thank You NAACP & your new partner, The Lincoln Project

Oh, and Welcome to the mighty Democratic Party, Mr Steve Schmidt


Winter driving . Not sure when or where this video was taken but...


EU unveils landmark law curbing power of tech giants


Facebook, Amazon, Google and others could soon face massive fines in the European Union under draft laws that seek to rein in Big Tech.

The European Union unveiled landmark legislation on Tuesday that lays out strict rules for tech giants to do business in the bloc.

The draft legislation, dubbed the Digital Services Act (DSA) and the Digital Markets Act (DMA), outlines specific regulations that seek to limit the power of global internet firms on the European market

Companies including Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook and others could face hefty penalties for violating the rules.

EU antitrust czar Margrethe Vestager and EU digital chief Thierry Breton presented the draft on Tuesday, after the content of the new rules was leaked to the media on Monday.

What's in the draft laws?

The dual legislation sets out a list of do's, don'ts and penalties for internet giants:

*Companies with over 45 million EU users would be designated as digital "gatekeepers" — making them subject to stricter regulations.

*Firms could be fined up to 10% of their annual turnover for violating competition rules.

*They could also be required to sell one of their businesses or parts of it (including rights or brands).

*Platforms that refuse to comply and "endanger people's life and safety" could have their service temporarily suspended "as a last resort."

*Companies would need to inform the EU ahead of any planned mergers or acquisitions.

*Certain kinds of data must be shared with regulators and rivals
*Companies favoring their own services could be outlawed.

*Platforms would be more responsible for illegal, disturbing or misleading content.

Vestager: Bringing 'order to chaos'
EU competition chief Margrethe Vestager said that the bloc's new rules seek to bring "order to chaos" and update the bloc's previous digital rules to address — and rein in — the power of tech giants that dominate the market.

"The Digital Service Act and Digital Markets Act will create safe and trustworthy services while protecting freedom of expression," she said at a press conference in Brussels.


"The national security negligence is stunning:" : Jim Scuitto




This was a hack to get intelligence. This is not the same as the hacks used to disrupt the 2016 election.
Trump's claim & pursuit of bogus fraud was his usual m.o. of diversion.
"Look over here". Trump the showman.

Hillary speaks after her vote. Kamala & Hillary Pics/ Then & Now



Which State will put Joe over 270?

He's getting closer & closer!

Nebraska's Biden vote from Omaha's newest Blue elector coming up!

Grrr.. TX coming up too.🤬

Leticia James leads the motion to certify Vice President Elect Kamala Harris

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