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Member since: Thu Apr 16, 2020, 01:50 PM
Number of posts: 12,615

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'Yellowstone' marathon all wknd on Paramont channel on Direct TV

Must be getting ready for the new season.

Now showing Season 1/Episode 5
I Love This Show!!

Yippeee & howdy!

Sidney Powell's secret intelligence contractor witness is a pro-Trump podcaster(with a fraud record)


Here's one of the fraud cases against "Tore", Sidney Powell's secret intelligence contractor:

From the docket. Secret intel contractor for Sidney Powell has THIS ON HER RECORD, for starters: Tore Maras Lindeman


From TORE's Twitter:




Trump's Veto is because of the Anti-Money laundering clause


Senator Warner was part of the bipartisan coalition that inserted a provision of NDAA called the ILLICIT Cash Act, an anti-money laundering provision that would have forced shell companies to disclose their beneficial ownership.

THIS is the only reason Trump & the GOP want this vetoed.

From Kushner's private offshore to every Trump loyalist in DC, the Provision would have forced shell companies to disclose their beneficial ownership.

Rest in peace, 9 year old Ali Kinani


My fortune cookie tonight. Not sure how to take this.

Where? Huh?

End of 2020 hell?

I don't even go anywhere! EVER.

The Texas Border Wall clusterfk Trump leaves for Biden to clean-up


The Trump administration awarded border wall contracts to build on land it doesn't own in Texas

The government’s strategy of awarding contracts before acquiring titles to land in Texas has led to millions of dollars in costs for delays.
Things could get even more complicated if President-elect Joe Biden stops border wall construction.

LA GRULLA, Texas — The federal government said it needed Ociel Mendoza's land on the outskirts of this tiny Texas town — and it couldn't wait any longer.

Each additional day of delay was costing the government $15,000 as contractors waited to begin construction on the border fence slated to go through Mendoza's ranch, the Department of Justice argued in court filings. By Nov. 24, the tab for the delay had reached nearly $1.6 million, the land acquisition manager for U.S. Customs and Border Protection said in an affidavit.

The county is one of the top targets of President Donald Trump’s administration for a border wall and a place agents have called the most volatile stretch in the nation. Construction was slated to begin in November 2019, the agency announced.

There was one problem: The government had awarded the contract before obtaining the land it needed, including Mendoza’s. This September, after more than a year without getting that land, CBP had to suspend the contract to Southwest Valley Constructors, accruing “substantial” charges along the way, according to court documents.

Since the beginning of the Trump administration, the government has filed 193 lawsuits — three-fourths just in the past year — asking Texas landowners to relinquish, temporarily or permanently, more than 5,800 acres, according to information provided by the Texas Civil Rights Project and court documents.

What a waste of our tax dollars, in the millions+ & it may be difficult & costly for President Biden to untangle the years & years of issues, now utterly magnified by Donald Trump.

That's ALOT of Security. VP Harris & Doug drop off gifts for Toys for Tots


Shontel Brown has declared her candidacy. Get to know her!






Speaker Pelosi called his bluff, using her power of position & her

..long ago, learned skillset to benefit her people & her country.
This is why She's been re-elected Speaker of the House & others are not.
Pelosi proves over & over why she holds such trust among her Democrats.

Thank you Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She has a mastery of knowing when to hold back & when to strike.

Phenomenal move Speaker, for landing such a double-triple blow.

Pelosi called the bluff immediately, and now all wings getting on board. This is the right way for the Democratic coalition to respond.
Hammer McConnell.
Win Georgia

Deliver a better deal for Americans.

"I plan to pull him out of there by his hair, his little hands & his feet"

Speaker Pelosi on "Counting down until Trump's out of office"

You need any help speaker?

(politico on monday )

GO GET HIM! (& wear the red coat)

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