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Member since: Thu Apr 16, 2020, 02:50 PM
Number of posts: 15,008

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Imagine the relief for Schumer & Pelosi heading to Delaware to meet with Pres Biden!

It's been 4 long years since they've held a meeting with a REAL PRESIDENT!

Would you love to be viewing from a corner of that room?
Great minds have strength in numbers, now.
Thank You!

From Biden presser 4 p.m today:

President-elect Joe Biden is set to meet in Delaware with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer.

A Biden transition official confirms that Pelosi and Schumer are traveling to Wilmington to meet with the president-elect in person on Friday.

The official wasn’t authorized to share internal planning and spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity Thursday.

Biden spoke with the pair by phone last week about the intensifying pandemic and prospects for passage of a COVID-19 relief bill in the lame duck session of Congress. Biden has made addressing the virus his top priority as he moves forward with his transition.

Julian Assange convo with Don jr in 2016 / Trump vs Hillary

"Hi Don if your father 'loses' we think it is much more interesting if he DOES NOT conceed [sic] and spends time CHALLENGING the media and other types of rigging that occurred-- as he has implied that he might do."


Racist bigot Kelly Loeffler's racist bigot Press Secretary, Caitlin O'Dea

Not surprised..😕


Nebraska Govenor joins Parler 😬


75th CARE'S 2020 Impact Awards./ Hillary Rodham Clinton, Honorary Chair


In the face of a once-in-a-generation pandemic, Americans are once again coming together to fight poverty and injustice everywhere.
This year, CARE will honor those activists, politicians, philanthropists, and leaders at the CARE 2020 Impact Awards.

*2020 Special Guests

Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton
Honorary Chair of CARE’s 75th Anniversary

Katrín Jakobsdóttir
Prime Minister of Iceland

Lisa Ling
Executive Producer & Host of CNN’s “This is Life”

CARE’s Global Advocate

Andra Day
GRAMMY nominated singer and songwriter

Join CARE and these very special guests as we support those in crisis and celebrate the contributions of women and girls.

*2020 Honorees

Ava DuVernay
Filmmaker and Founder of ARRAY
CARE Impact Award for Global Feminism

Helene Gayle
President and CEO, the Chicago Community Trust
CARE Impact Award for Global Health & Visionary Leadership

Eva Longoria
Actress, Director, Producer, Activist
CARE Impact Award for Exceptional Activism

Venus Williams
Tennis champion and Founder and CEO of EleVen by Venus Williams and V Starr
CARE Impact Award for Gender Equality

Dave MacLennan
Chairman and CEO, Cargill
CARE Impact Award for Global Leadership

Michael Miebach
President and CEO-Elect, Mastercard
CARE Impact Award for Corporate Vision

Bozoma Saint John
Global Chief Marketing Officer, Netflix
CARE Impact Award for Transformational Change

Virginia Sall
Co-Founder, Sall Family Foundation
Board Emeritus, CARE
CARE Impact Award for Global Vision

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
First Female President of Liberia & Nobel Peace Laureate
CARE Impact Award for Global Health

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms
Atlanta, GA
CARE Impact Award for Leadership

Mayor Muriel Bowser
Washington, DC
CARE Impact Award for Leadership

Mayor London N. Breed
San Francisco, CA
CARE Impact Award for Leadership

Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot
Chicago, IL
CARE Impact Award for Leadership

Mayor Betsy Price
Fort Worth, TX
CARE Impact Award for Leadership


In too many places, girls are the last to eat and first to be kept home from school. They are forced into child marriage - facing physical abuse and violence - and they are denied freedom to leave their homes or even walk down the street.

With your support we can:

*Empower women to start their own businesses and gain independence.
*Send girls and young women to school.
*Bring an end to violence against women.

Together we can give girls, women and families the hope and opportunity they deserve

VIDEOS/Live Award Event 2020

What an awesome President she would have been for America & our place in the World.

"Do all the good you can for as long as you can" ~ hrc

"Women's Rights are Human Rights" ~ hrc, 1995 Bejing

☮ " If there's a title to this, it's "Why Not You?" COVID and health and fate and life. "





Joyce White Vance on Lindsey Graham & the integrity of President Obama




"BarackObama went to Harvard to study law, he sat at law libraries to read decided cases on the Constitutional duties & responsibilities of the Attorney General. And being a Constitutional Law Scholar, you would not expect less of him"

Well folks, Warren Buffet bought 3.7 million shares of Pfizer..

Who's going to argue with him!

Pfizer it is!

Buffet makes roughly $1.5 million per hour — even during the hours when he was sleeping. And that translates to $25,000 per minute, or roughly $416.67 every second,
~ from Feb 2020

President Joe Biden tasked with cleaning up the mess


Jeff Bezos names first recipients of his '$10 billion Earth Fund' for combating climate change

Here's the full list of Earth Fund recipients and the donations they'll receive:

The Climate and Clean Energy Equity Fund, $43 million grant

ClimateWorks Foundation, $50 million grant
Dream Corps Green For All, $10 million grant
Eden Reforestation Projects, $5 million grant
Energy Foundation, $30 million grant
Environmental Defense Fund, $100 million grant
The Hive Fund for Climate and Gender Justice, $43 million grant
Natural Resources Defense Council, $100 million grant
The Nature Conservancy, $100 million grant
NDN Collective, $12 million grant
Rocky Mountain Institute, $10 million grant
Salk Institute for Biological Studies, $30 million grant
The Solutions Project, $43 million grant
Union of Concerned Scientists, $15 million grant
World Resources Institute, $100 million grant
World Wildlife Fund, $100 million grant

Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos on Monday announced the first 16 recipients of the Earth Fund, which is designed to invest in scientists, activists and other organizations combating the effects of climate change.
Bezos said in an Instagram post that the $791 million grants is "just the beginning" of the $10 billion Earth Fund

The Earth Fund, launched in February, is designed to combat the effects of climate change by issuing grants to scientists, activists and other organizations in their efforts to "preserve and protect the natural world."

Many of the grantees are receiving funds for specific projects, while other recipients will re-grant the funds and donate to other nonprofits, a spokesperson for the Earth Fund said.

For example, the World Wildlife Fund said it will use the $100 million award to protect and restore mangroves from "climate-accelerated weather events," and to develop new markets for seaweed as an alternative to fossil fuel-based products.

Bezos, who previously referred to climate change as "the biggest threat to our planet," has recently made climate-oriented initiatives a key focus at Amazon. The company has faced pressure from employees and others to address concerns that its e-commerce and logistics business contributes to global carbon emissions.

In September, Amazon announced the first recipients of its $2 billion Climate Pledge Fund, which is designed to invest in "sustainable and decarbonizing technologies."

Amazon also launched the "Climate Pledge" last September, which encompasses a number of ambitious goals, including a commitment to be carbon neutral by 2040.
It has also purchased electric delivery vans and invested $10 million to help conserve or restore forests in the U.S. Northeast


From Instagram


Thank you for yor contribution Mr Bezos.
Appreciate showing what a billiinare can do when he puts his money where his mouth is
He's not just using his celebrity to yell at others about it, claiming 'he thought of it 1st!!'
He has stepped up to do his part with all he has to offer.

I applaud Mr Bezos. Perhaps he will inspire more "millionares & billionares" to follow his lead. It is a global effort.

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