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Member since: Thu Apr 16, 2020, 01:50 PM
Number of posts: 12,541

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What happens to the election if Trump has to hand over the Presidency to Pence

Is there a protocal for this latest wrench in the 2020 election process?
30 days out & the ballots are already marked for Trump, not Pence.

Is this how we end up with a SC decision or what would happen?
A new election with a RW cryptofascist SC?

It's unchartered waters & leave it to Trump to muck up Nov 3rd. 🤬

Speculating here & just asking. How does the election process adjust should Pence suddenly replace Trump
~ thanks

Whoa! Evangelical pastor just released a book and made a long "Pro-Life Anti-Trump" video.


Lol. His base is getting smaller!

Most EVs will remain loyal, but there's a % that will not.
Just 1 month from the election, that small % is not good news for trump.

Powerful ad by @JewishDems pulled due to controversy.

I thought their ads were current & necessary words of warning, considering what we are dealing with today.
The warnings hold a similar danger with Trump.

I also understand the Hitler /Holocaust is a moment in history that should never be normalized.
Because it was specific.


This is a good-read Thread

Why do we teach our children what signs to watch for if we're going to ignore and/or deny those signs when they're staring us right in the face?


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