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Member since: Sat Apr 11, 2020, 11:56 AM
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I remember those "grassroots" Tea Party protests from a decade back.

Might we be seeing something similar?

This "President" has so much blood on his hands. He outdid my expectations after Nov. 2016.

My expectations of high crimes and misdemeanors against humanity.

I personally believe in a god of love. I also believe that the same god is a god of justice. May all wrongs be rectified and may those responsible be held to account, in this life or the next.

Dividing Yemen a key Saudi-UAE objective, analyst says

On the surface, Saudi Arabia and the UAE share the strategic objective of preventing their archenemy Iran from securing a foothold in their back yard on the Arabian Peninsula through their Houthi allies.

Both, however, have different visions of Yemen's future.

Yemen was unified in 1990 when the Arab Republic of Yemen (North Yemen) was merged with the Marxist People's Democratic Republic of Yemen (South Yemen), after the collapse of its main backer the Soviet Union.

A civil war four years later resulted in North Yemen occupying the south to keep the country intact.

As a unified nation of about 28 million people, Yemen is the second-most populous country in the Arabian Peninsula after Saudi Arabia. With proven oil reserves and strategic ports, it has the potential of becoming a regional power if it stabilises, becomes democratic, and reduces its dire poverty, analysts say.

Despite its potential, Yemen remains the poorest Arab nation and state functions - especially its war-devastated healthcare system - are teetering on the brink of collapse. Yemenis throughout the country are suffering from desperate poverty and lack the ability to fight the spread of coronavirus because of the five-year conflict.

Gamal Gasim, a Yemen analyst and professor of political science at Grand Valley State University in Michigan, said the UAE has two main strategic objectives in Yemen.

"The first is to divide Yemen and the second is to destroy the al-Islah party," he said of the largest Islamist political faction in Yemen with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, which is currently the main group fighting the Houthis in the north.

"None of the Gulf nations was really supportive of Yemen's unity in 1990, especially Saudi Arabia," Gasim told Al Jazeera.

"Unlike the UAE, Saudi Arabia cannot extract itself from Yemen so easily because it considers it part of its sphere of influence in the region. Saudi Arabia's main objective in Yemen is to maintain it as a weak state beholden to its objectives."

The best Saudi Arabia can hope for now is to keep Yemen in a "low-grade" conflict that will maintain its weakness and prevent it from threatening Riyadh's regional hegemony, Gasim said.


Important. Solidarity with Yemen!

The people who think Flynn was entrapped by the same FBI that relentlessly pushed HER EMAILS...

...while saying NOTHING in public during the campaign about "Crossfire Hurricane."

I can't even begin to wrap my brain around the kind of brain that it takes to believe this shit.

Since it's the First Lady's birthday, I'm sure her husband is in a good mood. Let's check...



Oh, right. I momentarily "forgot" about the "character" of this so-called President.

Trump cultists: "The CIA/Deep State are plotting against Trump!" Same folks: "I love the military!"

Fact: Most of the US intelligence community, in terms of personnel, budget, number of agencies, and operations, are concentrated within the Department of Defense and the US military.

Just an observation...

America's past two decades in three images.

Shocker: he's deflecting with the "what about Obama?!" shit again.


This is the “Ole’ Faithful” of Republican talking points. Confronted with criticism, blame Obama.


This is why I love Dan Rather.


Has William Barr surpassed Dick Cheney in the "Republican Presidents are dictators" category?

I think a case could be made.

At least Cheney is retired (though his equally evil daughter is in Congress, fully on Team Trump of course). Barr is helping Trump be a dictator as we speak. It’s so horrible.
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