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Member since: Sat Apr 11, 2020, 10:56 AM
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"Well, I've had crowds before...I've had quite a few!"

“But when a country’s going through a pandemic, that’s not what you’re supposed to be worrying about!”

- President Barack Obama

AOC Says She Woke Up to Stacks of Photos From FBI Showing 'People Who Want to Kill' Her

"I used to wake up in the morning and literally get a stack of pictures that were forwarded by Capitol police or FBI. Like, 'These are the people who want to kill you today,' " AOC told Vanity Fair this week.

The hate extended to her family, including her brother, Gabriel, who would receive calls from the FBI warning him not to open his mail due to bomb threats, according to the publication. Other targets of abuse include the designer of her Cesar Chavez–inspired campaign posters, who would receive death threats, and her former dean at Boston University, who would regularly receive emails calling him the n-word.


Ugh, how awful. What the fuck is WRONG with these right-wing assholes?

I suppose a bold young woman of color who speaks out forcefully and doesn’t accept their shit really “triggers” them.

There are now three members of Bush's 2000 FL recount legal team on the Supreme Court.

Along with Bush v. Gore majority voter Clarence Thomas of course.

I'm mentioning this because it just might be relevant to why Senate Republicans didn't wait until after the election to confirm Barrett, during the congressional recess.

The Federalist Society is rotten, 2 of their SC judges are sexual predators, and now THIS shit.

I don't recognize any of their legitimacy.

Sorry, I'm kinda mad...

We must remember that 45 acquired the WH through corrupt/criminal means. He won't give it up easily.

Why would he accept the legitimacy of his loss when four years ago, he and his stooges and Russia were doing everything in their power to sow doubt and suspicion about the legitimacy of a (probable at the time) Hillary Clinton win? And let's never forget "Birtherism."

Democracy, the rule of law, basic civic norms are the very opposite of what Trump and his cronies epitomize. We should take their and the Republican Party's contempt for democracy as a given, because a functioning democracy would mean that they would be out of power and, in Trump and his shitty family's case, in prison for their myriad crimes.

They can only win by cheating - and they have a lot to lose if they don't win.

I was a bit worried that Trump wouldn't be able to handle a crisis. Thankfully, he has this guy.

The political virus is the Republican Party.

They need to ask her if she thinks Brown v. Board was decided correctly, and only accept "yes or no"

And then press her for her reasons, either way.

Just how "originalist" is Amy Coney Barrett?

Chris Hayes nails it.


When you have never faced real consequences before, why worry about a little virus?

Unfortunately for Trump and his enablers, viruses don’t care about that shit. And not wearing a mask because you wanna own the libs - well, who has been owned now?

Karma is catching up to these motherfuckers, if for no other reason than their arrogance, hubris, and sheer stupidity.
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