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Trump supporters live in a difference fucking universe. Exhibit A: QAnon.


Thank you DU. We're all in this together, I hope.

This is a crazy, crazy time, and things are scary. Focus on what matters, and WHO matters. And focus on what you and others around you can do.

I say this all for myself as much as anyone, probably more so.

Hang in there, everyone!

AOC is awesome. Who is this Ted asshole?

What if all of the non-FOX/OANN TV news media just stopped giving Trump or his cronies any airtime?

Trump and his administration are in ongoing violation of the constitutional duties of the President of the United States, and are abusing their power on a daily basis. We all know this.

They’re not holding up THEIR end of the bargain: why, then, should they be rewarded for their criminality and unconstitutional actions with any airtime?

If you're arguing with a narcissistic psychopath, you've already lost.

You have to demonstrate to other people, in no uncertain terms, that the narcissist/psychopath is a menace to them, and them specifically.

Often, people learn the hard way, by being victimized by such people. Some people refuse to admit that they’ve been conned, and get angry and resentful at those who desperately try to enlighten them to the danger, to the destruction.

You have to pick your battles with the narcissistic psychopath’s victims: find those who could be persuaded to “see the light” but aren’t there yet, move on from those who are a lost cause, and stand in solidarity and organize with all of those who recognize the damage, the destruction, and the gravity of the continued threat - and are prepared to fight back.

Daniel Dale nails it on how the media lets Trump get away with the same brazen lies.


Abolish DHS, and start with ICE and CBP. They are indisputably Trump's paramilitary goons

and thus, an active menace to the American people.


The dazzling rise and tragic fall of Saudi Arabia's Mohammed bin Nayef (WaPo).

A grim new chapter in the Saudi “Game of Thrones” battle for control of the kingdom appears to be underway, as Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman prepares corruption and disloyalty charges against his predecessor and onetime rival, former crown prince Mohammed bin Nayef — a man who was once the United States’ champion in the war against Islamist terrorism.

This royal family showdown has been building ever since MBS, as he’s known, deposed his predecessor in June 2017. The roots lie even deeper, in the bitter rivalry between supporters of the late King Abdullah, who had championed MBN, as the former crown prince is called, and the courtiers who surrounded his successor, King Salman, and his impulsive son MBS, when the new king assumed power after Abdullah’s death in January 2015.

John Brennan, a former CIA director who worked closely with MBN for more than a decade, explained in an interview: “The Interior Ministry was provided with a budget so they could build up capabilities, recruit personnel and develop intelligence service contacts to penetrate al-Qaeda. … Abdullah’s view was that he had to be invested in the activities that MBN was leading. MBN was one of his favorites.”

Brennan addressed the allegation, made to me by Saudis who are close to MBS, that MBN had skimmed money from intelligence accounts. “Over the course of my interaction with MBN, he wasn’t someone I thought was engaged in corrupt activity or was siphoning off money,” Brennan said.

George Tenet, who was CIA director when MBN took control of the counterterrorism portfolio at the Interior Ministry in 2003, spoke glowingly of MBN in his memoir, “At the Center of the Storm: My Years at the CIA,” published in 2007. “He is someone in whom we developed a great deal of trust and respect,” he wrote. “Many of the successes in rolling up al-Qaeda in the kingdom are a result of his courageous efforts.”

The Saudi security establishment sleepwalked toward the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks in the United States. Nayef was convinced the attacks were a conspiracy designed to defame the kingdom’s reputation. This Saudi attitude of denial continued until May 2003, when al-Qaeda bombers attacked a foreign housing compound in Riyadh, killing 35 people, including 10 Americans. Tenet rushed to Riyadh for an urgent meeting to warn Abdullah that the royal family was facing a dire threat.

Tenet recalled the scene in an interview. Gathered with him and Abdullah were Nayef and his son MBN, and Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the Saudi ambassador to Washington, who acted as interpreter. Tenet admonished Abdullah that al-Qaeda’s plots were “directed against your family and religious leadership” and urged him to “declare war,”he wrote in his memoir.

Abdullah nominated his commander on the spot. As Tenet recalled in the interview, “the king looked at MBN and said in front of the others, ‘You’re going to handle the counterterrorism account.'

For the U.S. government, which only a few years before had feared that Saudi Arabia might by overrun by al-Qaeda, MBN’s well-financed mobilization against extremists was a godsend.

A March 30, 2009, cable from the U.S. Embassy in Riyadh to the intelligence and national-security agencies back in Washington boasted that the Interior Ministry was “THE BIGGEST DOG … the largest and most domestically influential Saudi ministry.” MBN, the cable said, “is held in high regard” by Abdullah and “well-respected by the Saudi populace for his effective work in beating down Al Qaeda in the Kingdom and running an effective deradicalization program which has gained wide local and tribal support. ... The result is operations in the USG interest can be conducted in a highly effective and cooperative manner within the Kingdom.”

Abdullah had placed extraordinary trust in MBN. This commitment deepened after an assassination attempt nearly killed MBN on Aug. 27, 2009. An AQAP operative named Abdullah al-Asiri visited MBN’s palace in Jiddah on the pretext of surrendering personally to the ministry’s terrorist rehabilitation program. He detonated an explosive hidden in his rectum, and MBN was injured in the blast. Abdullah rushed to see him in the hospital.

Abdullah’s support for his counterterrorism chief seems never to have wavered. MBN succeeded his father as interior minister in 2012 and, even after Adbullah’s death and Salman’s succession, MBN was named crown prince in April 2015 — suggesting that he would eventually become king. But MBS was named deputy crown prince at the same time, an ominous sign for MBN.

The last chapters of MBN’s story have a sad inevitability: He simply wasn’t a match for MBS in his ability to protect his friends and punish his enemies. American and Saudi friends of MBN say that he may have been limited by substance-abuse problems that began with the painkillers he took after being wounded in the 2009 assassination attempt.

The ambitious, risk-taking MBS found a powerful new ally when Donald Trump became president in 2017. Aljabri fled the kingdom in May 2017. A month later, MBN was summoned by his nominal deputy, MBS, and told to resign. He asked to call two prominent princes, Mohammed bin Fahd and Khaled bin Sultan, the MBN associate said. They told him the game was up, they’d made their deals with his rival and MBN had no choice but to resign as crown prince.

MBN submitted and swore allegiance to MBS. A royal decree issued June 21, 2017, announced that he had been removed as crown prince and replaced by his deputy. Some of his former friends and allies, including senior officers of the Mabahith, had already switched sides and become MBS supporters. Others were arrested and reportedly tortured. The Ritz-Carlton arrests of prominent Saudi businessmen and princes in November 2017 intimidated any remaining dissenters.


FBI Director, May 2020: Saudi officer who killed three in Pensacola was longtime Al-Qaeda associate

Meanwhile, Israel has attacked Iran, the Yemenis are still being murdered by the Saudis and Emiratis (with US help), and the autocrats of the Arab world in general are acting with more impunity and US support under President Donald "Muslim ban" Trump.

The evidence we’ve been able to develop from the killer’s devices shows that the Pensacola attack was actually the brutal culmination of years of planning and preparation, by a longtime AQAP (Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula) associate.

The new evidence shows that al-Shamrani had radicalized not after training here in the U.S. but at least as far back as 2015, and that he had been connecting and associating with a number of dangerous AQAP operatives ever since. It shows that al-Shamrani described a desire to learn about flying years ago, around the same time he talked about attending the Saudi Air Force Academy in order to carry out what he called a “special operation.” And he then pressed his plans forward, joining the Air Force and bringing his plot here—to America.

Thanks to a lot of hard work by our people, we now know that al-Shamrani continued to associate with AQAP even while living in Texas and in Florida; and that in the months before the attack, while he was here among us, he talked with AQAP about his plans and tactics—taking advantage of the information he acquired here, to assess how many people he could try to kill.

He was meticulous in his planning. He made pocket-cam videos as he cased his classroom building. He wrote a final will, purporting to explain himself, and saved it in his phone—the exact same will that AQAP released two months later when they initially claimed responsibility. He wasn’t just coordinating with them about planning and tactics—he was helping the organization make the most it could out of his murders. And he continued to confer with his AQAP associates right until the end, the very night before he started shooting.

We are still exploiting the evidence we’ve now obtained from al-Shamrani’s phones. And we’re continuing to run our investigation, now with the benefit of a lot more insight into the murderer’s mind and intentions, his relations with AQAP, and his tactics.

We have more to learn. But we know enough now to see al-Shamrani for what he was—a determined AQAP terrorist, who spent years preparing to attack us.


This is a man who said Obama was an illegitimate POTUS and HRC was rigging 2016. He's at it again.

The only way he can "win" is by de-legitimizing his opponent's win - which in turn, de-legitimizes the very process itself. As we saw in 2016 and as we see with his Presidency, Trump wins when our democratic institutions - to the extent they exist - are corrupted, undermined, and seen as illegitimate by just enough Americans, just enough voters.

Stirring up racist and white supremacist backlash is not separate from this at all. After all, what was the secession of the majority of slave states in 1860 but a white supremacist declaration of the illegitimacy of a democratically elected President (Lincoln in that case)? Or the first Ku Klux Klan and the "Redeemers" who violently restored white supremacist rule and defeated post-Civil War Reconstruction? Or the 1950s "Massive Resistance" of Southern segregationists to the Supreme Court's rulings against "separate but equal?" Or, of course, stating that "I really don't think that Barack Obama was born in this country?"

Classic American white supremacist projection: OUR election fraud, OUR illegitimate actions and defiance of legal, constitutional outcomes of American elections, court decisions, etc., are not actually fraud or illegitimate actions at all - because from their point of view, black people, people of color, cannot EVER be legitimate, regardless of whether they are ordinary voters or Presidents.

Trump is only legitimate in an illegitimate system. Never forget that.
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