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I had the misfortune of seeing some OAN clips. I feel like I need a shower.

That shit makes FOX look like real news. And good lord do they kiss 45’s dumb ass. No wonder he loves them so much...pathetic!

The Israeli Connection: Trump, Kushner, Netanyahu, Pence, MBS, MBZ, Putin, and oligarchs.

Where do we begin...

- Benjamin Netanyahu is a close family friend of the Kushners and is also a long-time friend of Trump - and was the Republican Party's favorite foreign leader (especially after Obama negotiated the Iran nuclear deal)

- Sheldon Adelson is also a MAJOR figure in all of this, obviously - I don't think I need to tell DU that.

- MBS and MBZ bragged about having "Jared Kushner in (their) back pocket(s)"

- Jared Kushner, with the support of the Saudis and Emiratis and obviously Adelson and Netanyahu, was put in charge of "solving" the Israel-Palestine conflict...which ended up being a big fuck you to the Palestinians, recognizing Jerusalem as the UNDIVIDED capitol of Israel, etc.

- Mike Pence, for religious (fundie Christian) and political reasons, is also deeply committed to the "Greater Israel" project (as are many others in and around the Trump administration including Mike Pompeo).

- Pence and Kushner led Trump's transition team after Christie was fired (because Jared never forgave him for prosecuting his Daddy) and it was during the TRANSITION period that the Flynn phone calls with Kislyiak occurred.

And they apparently involved an attempted quid pro quo with the Russians - to undermine Obama administration's abstention from vetoing the annual UN resolution denouncing the Israeli settlements in the West Bank, in exchange for sanctions relief for the Russians.

We know that Kushner was involved with these discussions - was Pence?

- A lot of Russian oligarchs close to Putin are dual citizens of Israel (and some have citizenship of even more countries as well).

Some resources:

Who Is Lev Leviev, the Israeli Billionaire with ties to Kushner and Putin?

Leviev is best known for having cracked the world diamond market monopoly of the De Beers cartel in the 1980s, and for real estate
holdings and construction deals from Wall Street to the West Bank


The Countless Israeli Connections to Mueller’s Probe of Trump and Russia

The Israel-lobbyists, Netanyahu cronies, psyops manipulators and well-connected oligarchs — could it all be just one big coincidence?


Donald Trump's New World Order

How the President, Israel, and the Gulf states plan to fight Iran—and leave the Palestinians and the Obama years behind.


And just today...

Israel and United Arab Emirates Strike Major Diplomatic Agreement

President Trump announced that Israel and the United Arab Emirates would establish “full normalization of relations” and that in exchange Israel would forgo for now “declaring sovereignty” over occupied West Bank territory.



Anyway, that's a lot...for now.

College Democrat at center of attack on Alex Morse hoped to launch career through Richard Neal.

IN THE BATTLE raging for Massachusetts 1st Congressional District, currently held by the chair of the powerful Ways and Means Committee Rep. Richard Neal, political operatives are turning up in unlikely places. Last week, tensions flared after a letter, written by the Massachusetts College Democrats, informed Alex Morse, Neal’s challenger, that he was no longer welcome at their events — a letter that was promptly published by the school’s newspaper.

The 31-year-old mayor of Holyoke, Massachusetts, was barred for allegedly having made students feel uncomfortable by sending them messages through Instagram and matching with University of Massachusetts students on Tinder, in addition to having “sexual contact” with students at UMass Amherst, where he was previously an adjunct professor.


Meanwhile, an aide with the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, in which the journalism program sits, alerted the school’s administration of evidence that the recently surfaced allegations against Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse “are politically motivated,” according to communication reviewed by The Intercept. Spokespersons for the administration did not respond to requests for comment.

Clare Sheedy, a rising sophomore and a Morse supporter, was active in the College Democrats chapter and knew Ennis through their joint work on behalf of the Pete Buttigieg campaign for president, with Ennis handing off the reins of the organization to Sheedy. In November 2019, when Ennis was president of the College Democrats chapter, the pair were in New Hampshire together campaigning for Buttigieg, and Ennis, she said, opened up about his respect for Neal in a car ride through New Hampshire. “He spoke very highly of Mr. Neal,” Sheedy said. “What he said to me was he wanted Neal to be his ‘in’ to politics and work his way up from there.”

Sheedy said she asked Ennis what he thought of Morse, and Ennis said Morse socialized with students in a way he found creepy, and that Morse had recently matched with a student on the Tinder dating app. Sheedy said she didn’t think of it again until last week, when she and the other members of the College Democrats were told by leadership that they had written a letter on the members’ behalf to the local college paper, which had published an article based on it.


When asked whether she had any knowledge of accusations against Morse prior to the release of the Massachusetts College Democrats letter, Middleton said she “definitely wasn’t aware of the letter or any issues until after it was released. They just made a statement. I thought it was odd that they never filed any complaints to UMass before this, which is what you’re supposed to do if you’re a registered student org.”

The university, in a statement, said that the letter the College Democrats made public was the first time it had been made aware of the allegations.


Saudi Arabia, With China's Help, Expands Its Nuclear Program

WASHINGTON—Saudi Arabia has constructed with Chinese help a facility for extracting uranium yellowcake from uranium ore, an advance in the oil-rich kingdom’s drive to master nuclear technology, according to Western officials with knowledge of the site.

The facility, which hasn’t been publicly disclosed, is in a sparsely populated area in Saudi Arabia’s northwest and has raised concern among U.S. and allied officials that the kingdom’s nascent nuclear program is moving ahead and that Riyadh is keeping open the option of developing nuclear weapons.

Even though Riyadh is still far from that point, the facility’s exposure appears certain to draw concern in the U.S. Congress, where a bipartisan group of lawmakers has expressed alarm about Saudi nuclear energy plans and about Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s 2018 vow that “if Iran developed a nuclear bomb, we will follow suit as soon as possible.”

It is also likely to cause consternation in Israel, where officials have warily monitored Saudi Arabia’s nuclear work.

The Trump administration has discussed selling reactors and nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia, a close security ally. But U.S. arms-control negotiator Marshall Billingslea, restating U.S. policy, said at a July 21 congressional hearing that Saudi Arabia must first agree to requirements known as the “Gold Standard” of nuclear oversight.

That means the kingdom would need to forswear the enrichment of uranium, which is several steps beyond producing yellowcake. It also would need to refrain from reprocessing spent fuel, which could enable a nation to develop nuclear weapons, and would need to sign the IAEA Additional Protocol.

“The reason we do nuclear technology development deals with countries is so that they will commit to the Gold Standard and commit to a working relationship with the United States. The Saudis are trying to have it both ways, and we can’t allow them to get away with that,” Sen. Chris Murphy (D., Conn.), said in an interview.

“My guess is that one of the reasons to go to the Chinese is that it doesn’t come with the same controls that coordination with the United States does,” Mr. Murphy said.


Guys, guys! He INSISTS Putin Did Not Interfere in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election!

And by "he" I mean noted historian ( ) Oliver Stone.

"Jesus Christ, do you think everybody in the country has to believe this Russian election stuff?" Stone asked. "Do you think we all have to agree? Does anybody have any ability to dissent from an opinion? Is it a fact that that happened? I mean, if you talk to a lot of the intelligent people in the cyber community — and I have because I did a film about Edward Snowden [2016's Snowden] — they will tell you that it was not a hack, it was a steal, it was an inside job [referring to the hack of Democratic National Committee emails, which were then leaked ahead of the 2016 Democratic National Convention]."

Stone continued, "And [the now-incarcerated WikiLeaks founder] Julian Assange has been good on his word ever since he started; he's been an authentic person. I admire him deeply. To say that he was in collusion with the Russians and all this is part of some kind of crazy fiction that has happened to this country. You probably believe it. You have no choice but to believe it."

When, in response, it was stated that the U.S. intelligence community has uniformly concluded that Putin interfered in the election, Stone protested, "Not uniformly, no! Their original statement was 'a high degree of confidence' or something like that, and it was taken from three agencies, not from the 17 that they claim. In fact, you could go back into the intelligence community and you will find dissenters if they're honest. This has been misrepresented. I've talked to a lot of experts on this."

His theory regarding the DNC hack: "The FBI did not do its job. They should have gotten the original system — got back into the DNC computer — but they didn't give it. They gave it to a private company, CrowdStrike, that was on their payroll. So the whole thing is crooked from the inside. It feels like the JFK case again. It wasn't planned, it was developed that way. But it certainly was developed from inside. Sore losers, I would call it. And, by the way, I don't have any— Trump has done things that are horrifying to me." (The CrowdStrike theory has been discredited.)


I bolded the funniest parts to me.

"I admire Julian Assange deeply. He's been an authentic person."
"I've talked to a lot of experts on this."
"It feels like the JFK case again."

And my favorite of all...

"You probably believe it. You have no choice but to believe it."

Unlike the rest of us "sheeple", Oliver Stone knows The Truth!

The sheer gall of this piece of shit.


We don't have to respect the views of Republicans. We need to defeat them, and for good.

People are dying for Trump. That is not normal. That is horrifying.

This virus doesn't care whether you think it's a hoax or not. This virus doesn't care whether you're a Trump cultist or not. Herman Cain is dead. Great job, COVID deniers.

Will they ever learn? Will they ever break free of the cult they've built around this deeply pathological narcissist, con man, and rapist who proudly takes the dirty, bloodied money of Putin, the Saudis, the Mafia, and other criminals, oligarchs, and autocrats around the world?

I wish I could say this wasn't a rhetorical question. I'm afraid that pretty much all of those still in the Cult of Trump are too far gone to help. The rest of us must help ourselves and each other, our country, our world.

November can't come soon enough. There are many more of us than there are of them. VOTE!

Cities and states across the country should coordinate on lawsuits. This fascism cannot stand.

A silent thread for Donald Trump Jr.'s Twitter account being restricted.


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