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Member since: Wed Apr 1, 2020, 11:07 PM
Number of posts: 1,304

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Trump is retweeting Malik Obama.

I won't link it here. I don't want to spread it. Trump is scared, doesn't know what to do. He's manic.

REVELATION THREAD: How a small group of brave patriots saved democracy

I've been reading this thread on twitter and though y'all here would find it interesting.


We are the only thing holding up America right now.

Our nation is suffering a lot right now. Morally and financially USA is hanging on by a thread, that thread is us democrats.

Republicans do not want us to be a democracy. They're fighting hard right now. Republicans have always wanted USA to be a dictatorship. This form of thinking use to be the fringe but now... most republicans want fascism in USA. I see them on social media openly admitting it. Those that do not admit it are lying to themselves and the few republicans against fascism will go along with it before they vote democrats. We are literally fighting for the soul of the nation.

This is NOT Bernie's revolution! It's a gross suggestion.

I see a lot of Bernie supporters posting about the riots and giving credit to Bernie. People are trying to say the anger is about student loan debt or Med 4 all. This is an insult and a big reason why Bernie lost the black community in massive numbers. This is about RACISM and POLICE BRUTALITY. There is a faction of the left that refuses to HEAR the black community and instead, they want to add there own reasons. Take a look at what some are saying here:


I've never so thirsted for a revolution before Ė
There is a shift happening I can really feel it. The protest in Portland was charged up by young people who were really angry, I have seen more and more of this in the last year. The failure of bernie has seemingly added to that as well. People let him go when he told them to go to biden, they turned their backs and walked away. I am trying to figure ouT how I want to fit into this new paradigm But i am excited. I have been pretty down in the last 9 months watching the enviro and social justice groups wallow in politics people who call themselves anti war who post loving stuff about obama. I am letting them go.

I wish we could focus all these people into taking out the billionaires in the country destroying only their holdings their houses, their boats and planes. They have slaughtered so many people around the world it is time to deal with them.


Van Jones blames Hillary supporters.

Van Jones on CNN:

"Itís not the racist person in the KKK that we have to worry about.

Itís the white, liberal Hillary Clinton supporter walking her dog in central park"


Donate to protesters on the ground.


This is going to motivate the hicks in the stix.

The looting and violence on the streets is just going to motivate those rust belt white folks to go out and vote for Trump.

Protesters Beat woman in a wheelchair.



Ryan Grim is deleting all his Tara Reade tweets.

He gave up his credibility, put his reputation on the line to be a 2020 partisan hack for Bernie Sanders. Now no one will hire him besides The Intercept where journalism goes to die.Chris Hayes and others will likely do the same or live in shame. They ran an UGLY campaign falsely accusing Biden of rape. This is why I will never vote for a candidate endorsed by rose twitter.


Progressives lost in Multnomah County! Holy shit!

Portland is one of the most progressive cities in the nation. Moderate Mayor Ted Wheeler wins primary, may avoid run off. Progressives fought hard for Sarah Iannarone but lost. Also, Moderate Mark Hass will beat Shamia Fagan for SOS.
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