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Member since: Wed Apr 1, 2020, 11:07 PM
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@DavidMWeissman has been outed as a fraud

This is a must read thread.


WTF?!! Why would Gosar think it was cool to post this?


No US media covered the women's march?

They just want to talk about Democrats in disarray but silent on women marching who are on our side. https://twitter.com/donwinslow/status/1444431090492448769

2 white men who murdered black men in Oregon released on little to NO bail.

2 separate incidents. One in Bend OR and one in Portland Metro (Multnomah County)

Barry Washington Jr. was unarmed when he died after a single gunshot wound, officials said. He was 22

Bend police officers were called to the scene just after midnight and arrested Ian MacKenzie Cranston, 27. Cranston was booked into jail on suspicion of second-degree manslaughter and soon posted a $10,000 bond to be released.

Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel said investigators are still determining what charges Cranston will face. Prosecutors intend to seek an indictment by presenting evidence to a grand jury before Oct. 5.


PORTLAND, Ore. ó A road rage incident appears to have led to a fatal shooting in the Gresham Walmart parking lot Monday evening.

According to court documents obtained by KGW, suspect Daniel Hipshman, 26, was driving a white pickup truck when a GMC Yukon SUV driven by Dashawn Hudson, 38 cut him off on Southeast Powell Boulevard. Hudson's wife and four kids were in the vehicle at the time.

A witness said Hipshman pulled up in his white truck and started yelling at Hudson. The witness said Hudson got out of the GMC Yukon and pointed what appeared to be a gun at the suspect. There was more yelling and Hipshman allegedly fired two shots through his truck's passenger window, killing Hudson.

Other witnesses said the suspect yelled something like, "that's what you get for cutting me off" before leaving the scene.

Hudson's wife said she and the kids went outside after hearing gunshots from inside the store and discovered her husband had been killed. An autopsy showed he died of two gunshot wounds to the upper torso.



I live in this town... This is shameful of the school district!


Democrats need to learn how to bribe lawmakers.

If you can't beat them, join them. It's obvious some lawmakers are accepting bribes. Why not just ask them what their price is?

Alito needs to be investigated. This is from 12/20

Quote:Alito sparked intrigue Sunday morning when he quietly moved up a key filing deadline -- from Wednesday to Tuesday -- in an emergency appeal brought by allies of President Donald Trump in Pennsylvania. The change effectively keeps open the possibility of court action before the state's delegates are set in stone.

"When I first saw that Alito had moved the date, it raised red flags for me," said Norm Ornstein, a member of the National Task Force on Election Crises and scholar at the American Enterprise Institute.


This article is really tough on Krysten Sinema.

I don't know who The Nation is or if they're credible. I ran into this article on twitter and whoa!!! If true, this is pretty damning!


#BREAKING: AZ Audit report affirms President Biden beat former President Trump.


A Progressive Biologist From Portland Is One of the Nation's Leading Advocates for Ivermectin

Why am I not surprised?

Because of people like Bret Weinstein, a drug meant for 1,000-pound animals is flying off the shelves in feed stores.

The loudest COVID-19 vaccine skeptic in Oregon? You might think itís pistol-packing, Trump-loving talk radio host Lars Larson. Or Baker City Mayor Kerry McQuisten, whose opposition to mask and vaccine mandates is stoking her run for governor.

Youíd be wrong.

Instead, the loudest voice may be that of a Toyota-driving Bernie Bro who lives near Lewis & Clark College, an evolutionary biologist with a Ph.D. who studied and taught at two of the nationís most liberal universities and participated in Occupy Wall Street.

His name is Bret Weinstein, and he makes his living preaching the dangers of COVID-19 vaccines while extolling ivermectin, the controversial drug often used to deworm horses.

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