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KS Toronado

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Member since: Wed Mar 25, 2020, 01:07 AM
Number of posts: 4,239

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WARNING: The Following Program Contains Unproved Conspiracy Theories

We put warning labels on everything, movies, medicine, even screwdrivers. Conspiracy theories tend to be one of
the tools right wing media uses to brainwash their listeners, so why can't we put warning labels on their programs?
Nay sayers will point to 1st amendment rights which I'm well aware of, but it feels like they're yelling fire in a
crowded theater and promoting a fascist overthrow of our government which we should all be alarmed about
before it's too late. Surely Nancy/Chuck/Joe/Merrick could come up with something to combat them. Any ideas
you may have to help them combat conspiracy theories, please reply to this post.

When Moscow Mitch didn't have the 60 votes

needed for judicial nominees, he carved out an exception to the filibuster to get what he wanted. Why shouldn't we
do the same for voting rights or anything else that needs to be passed?

One simple idea Nancy/Chuck could try to help the "For the People Act"

Announce that they are considering paying every registered voter who votes in a national election to be paid $50.
And we plan on paying for it by doing A,B,&C (to be determined) Watch the reQublicans come up with all kinds
of excuses why certain groups of people shouldn't be allowed to vote. Hang their "no votes allowed" ideas
around their necks before the midterms and we might see the largest midterm voter turnout ever. Now I realize
that we'll probably never pay people to vote, but if the idiot reQublicans in congress were afraid that a Biden
administration might do just that, they'll start whining in front of the TV cameras. Would only hurt them, not us.

"proof 2020 election was stolen from trump"

Is what I got a MAGAt to type into his smart phone using Google. Told him I'd give him $100 if he could show me
proof the election was stolen from his lord & savior, opinions would not work. After about 5 minutes he quit
looking at his phone and would not look my direction in the VFW today. Had answers/questions ready if he tried
to show me anything. Try this on them and ask who convinced them it was stolen, and how much longer they'll
listen to news media that lies to their listeners.

GLICKMAN: What the world needs now is humor

Former congressman and U.S. Secretary of Agriculture

Now that all adults are eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, we should inject our political leaders with a healthy dose of authentic, self-deprecating humor, so they can make themselves the butt of their jokes instead of using them to add more poison to the American body politic. Seriously, when was the last time you heard a politician in Congress making fun of him or herself?

About a 3 minute read, have meet him twice and wished all politicians could be like him.

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