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KS Toronado

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Member since: Wed Mar 25, 2020, 01:07 AM
Number of posts: 4,239

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"K C Chiefs win back to back Superbowls!"

This is the headline we'll be seeing in a week.

Biden should follow in George W Bush's footsteps

Bush started "The War on Terror", common sense tells us that would include all enemies foreign and domestic
(ie:republican). Surely Biden could create a new office/position/panel to look into homegrown terrorists, past,
present, & future. Hell, ask George W. to lead this new "War on Terror", would help divide the republican party.

Ignore the hype about the filibuster

Bill Palmer has a unique style in telling bottom line truths.


Economist proposes we get paid to get vaccinated, hey OK

First shot nets you $200, second shot lets you pass GO out in public unafraid and spend $800.


This should/needs to bite Hannity in the @ss

Last night Hannity was promoting the idea that because of a Joe Biden executive order everybody's minimum
wage is now $15 an hour, starting Monday I guess. He claimed over millions of small businesses would go out
of business overnight. We know Biden's $15 minimum wage applied to Federal jobs basically, but the
deplorables who watch faux news are probably excited they got a pay raise per Hannity. So we need to
remind all republicans when going to work next week to demand their $15 because faux news said I got
a raise. I'm not on any social media sites, but believe Hannity's big lie needs to be promoted there.
"Hannity/Fox News States Joe Biden Raised Minimum Wage to $15 For Every American Worker"

Voting on Lloyd Austin to be Defense Secretary

Our 3 repug congressmen Tracey Mann, Jake LaTurner, Ron Estes all voted NAY on Biden's pick for Defense
Secretary. Why do they feel a successful and respected retired 4 Star General is not up to the job? Is it
because of the color of his skin? Sure hope these 3 haven't been talking about "unity" lately since they
want to hamstring the Biden administration from getting up and running..

Sure hope djt's first court battle is televised.....

So all republiCONs can see what a lying/crying/whiner he really is. Plus he loves being in front of cameras
so I question if he'd object to them while on the witness stand.

How tRump builds his 2 billion $ library

tRump starts new company named "The Best Library Construction Co Ever, LLC" (from jail) with 3 main objectives.
1. All construction materials must be purchased from donnie JR's new company "Only The Best Library Construction
Materials Known To Man, LLC" at ten times the going rate. Don't worry we give a 5% kickback under the table.
2. All construction materials must be transported via eric's new company "Only The Best Library Construction
Materials Trucking, LLC" at five times the going rate. Any patriot have an old semi to donate to my charity? is
posted on it's website.
3. Project manager to be "Barron esq. LLC" This individual (having graduated with highest honors from the world
renowned private school "Betsy DeVos Lego Building & Babysitting Academy" will be in charge of all planning
(extra fee) and engineering (extra fee). All wages & fees will go into his private piggy bank which his daddy will
look after for the small fee of 99.5%.
After all this work, djt reprises James Whitmore's role in The Shawshank Redemption.

Rep's Tracey Mann, Jake LaTurner, & Ron Estes all think trump did nothing wrong

All voted trump innocent of attempting to overthrow our government. We need to vote them out.

How Fox news could diminish the impending BLOODSHED of this coming week.

They should start telling their viewers about the BIG LIE, this election was not stolen from their IDOL.
They should not be going to state capitols or Washington DC to protest LIES. This is not how a democracy
works. Of course by doing so, they'll have to admit they were part of the problem.
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