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KS Toronado

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Member since: Wed Mar 25, 2020, 01:07 AM
Number of posts: 4,162

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Excellent article on Socialism vs Capitalism


The Democratic Party needs to take away the republican party's talking points about how evil Socialism
is and how it'll ruin this country. IMHO

Charles Koch can make amends by doing this

Businessman, Kansan and conservative wonk Charles Koch made headlines last week for saying he regrets his actions in making the U.S. political landscape more partisan.

“Boy, did we screw up!” he said.

Really? You don’t say.

So what are you going to do about it?

Because frankly, at this stage in the game we’re past the point where a mea culpa is meaningful. Actions speak louder than words, and your actions have severely damaged American civil discourse. We’re in a world of political deadlock and overly heated rancor.

We need to cool it a bit. Which clearly based on your comments you recognize.

If you’re serious about wanting to move the nation to a place where we can work together, we have a suggestion: Dismantle Americans for Prosperity. Shut it down. Close up shop. That will show us and those who subscribe to your conservative ideologies that you’re serious.

We should point out there is nothing wrong with conservative beliefs — or liberal ones, for that matter. It’s when either become hyper-partisan is when they become dangerous.

We’ve seen the damage a hyper-partisan group think can do to a state. Look no further than the Brownback-era tax cuts. We have to wonder how these things are making the world better for anyone beyond a select few.

But don’t just stop there. Once you’ve shuttered Americans for Prosperity, maybe go find someone you admire from the other side of the political spectrum and form a group that can help civil discourse. A group that promotes working together, compromise and truth.

This could help you restore American’s faith in the political spectrum and allow politicians to compromise every once in a while. Start calling out hyper-partisanship. Make it undesirable. Show people a better way.

This could support President-elect Joe Biden’s plan to build back better. Give him a conservative ally. Show others we have more to gain by working with one another.

Perhaps this could help the nation recover. We know YOU HAVE THE MONEY. Find a way to make it work.

As far as we’re concerned, you owe the American people that much.

Otherwise, your apology is meaningless.

Copied from.... https://www.hdnews.net/opinion/20201124/editorial-koch-can-make-amends-by-doing-this
Written By The Editorial Advisory Board
Hope MSM starts going after Koch for all the damage he's done to this country.

Florida man rescues puppy from jaws of alligator without dropping cigar

Full video here........


Anyone know of a Covid-19 positive person who refused to quarantine?

Had one in my hometown who after being informed he was positive for the virus continued to go to work
and barhop after work. Kept up his daily routine until he couldn't get out of bed anymore. If contact
tracing shows someone died because of his selfcenteredness, should District Attorneys be allowed to
charge them with manslaughter/murder? And if there are cases like this pending in our court system,
shouldn't MSM be broadcasting this to the entire country to help virus deniers think twice about their

Edited to add, Yes he's a tRumper.

I believe all TV personalities and especially newscasters should be wearing masks

when they're on-air. I don't care about all the precautions they've taken against the virus,
SET THE EXAMPLE dammit. A picture is worth a thousand words, show us you're serious
about the benefits of wearing masks. We can hear your voice through a mask.

Republicans are killing the republican party, LET'S HELP THEM

Many on the right are complaining about the Dominion voting machines and how they stole tRumps votes
and gave them to Biden. Let's reinforce this belief and keep them riled up about how unreliable the machines
are. So when a Biden administration tries to get our country to go to strictly paper ballots, they'll have
an easier time of doing it using republicans own words against them.

Now that republiCONs are complaining about voting machine hacking

Will they agree to go strictly to paper ballots? Pat Robertson on 700 club was bad mouthing voting machines
irregularities but no mention of paper ballots this morning. The machines favored Biden of course, according
to Pat.

The Curse of Oak Island.....new season starts tonight on History channel

Anyone have inside information if they found a treasure? At the beginning of last season I could of swore
the announcer said this was their last season but at the end it was "tune in next season". My gut feeling
is they have found what they were looking for and keeping it a secret to milk it for all it's worth viewer
wise. When they dug that 6 ft diameter hole and had the casing preventing a cave in, surely they starting
hand digging from there.

Watched 5 minutes each of Hannity & Ingraham Angle tonight

They were parroting the Team-Trump line complete with alternative facts and guests to reinforce them.
They are fanning the flames of hate against Biden & Democrats, keeping the trumpers mad their guy
lost. I pray that donnie doesn't suggest to them they take to the streets with their guns.

Biden needs to start a media blitz against Moscow Mitch.

And the sooner the better, get him off balance and keep him that way. Because we know how he operates when
there's a Democrat in the White House. Could even help with the Georgia Senate runoffs. No more "Mr Nice Guy"
and reaching across the aisle Joe, those days are long gone.
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