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KS Toronado

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Member since: Wed Mar 25, 2020, 01:07 AM
Number of posts: 4,139

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Why should farmers be allowed to cut in line for the vaccine?

Ks Sec. of Ag. Mike Beam said "And because many ag workers are crucial to food production.......to recognize ....
agricultural workers as critical and essential when prioritizing the distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine."
Direct condensed quote, my own thoughts about this below........

Think about it, most Ks farmers work from home and outdoors, the safest place during a pandemic, basically
only going into town for supplies. And I realize there are going to be exceptions, every issue has them. But
in a deep red state where most farmers are republican and think the virus is a hoax and refuse to wear a mask,
I don't believe those people who spend most of their time at home watching crops grow taller should be allowed
to get in line in front of so many others working a full time job inside an enclosed building. This administration
has already rewarded them with bailout money on account of his tariffs. Enough is enough already. Believe
it or not I grew up on a farm.

From Hutchinson Newspaper.... KDA: Farmers still need Covid-19 aid, vaccines

An interesting idea how the DNC can unseat republicans in 2022 midterms.

House Republicans now have a lunatic in Lauren Boebert who wants to carry a gun, and a lunatic in Marjorie Taylor Greene who promotes Q anon. Letís turn these two into rock stars and household names. Letís make them the new face of the GOP. Then we make the 2022 midterms a referendum on these two clowns.

We can cost a lot of House Republicans their seats in 2022, simply by forcing them to either endorse or disown the deranged antics of Boebert and Greene. House Republicans will all lose some votes in their districts, no matter which side they choose.

This is essentially what the Republicans did to us in 2020. They made up fake caricatures of AOC and the Squad, then used it to attack every House Democrat facing reelection. We can do the same to the GOP in 2022, except we donít have to (and shouldnít) make up fake versions of Boebert and Greene. Theyíre already cartoon villains; all we have to do is quote them.

Entire article here...........very insightful, IMHO


You know what 60% of our republican congressmen are really saying?

YOUR VOTE DOESN'T COUNT, that's what I'll be asking & telling all my die hard repug coworkers in regards
to contesting the electoral college tally. What the richest 1% wants is more important than all the votes cast
by the average person, our votes don't mean shit.....is that fair?

Boy oh boy, did we ever elect such a loser to congress as this one?

Kansas Senator-elect Roger Marshall announced on his twitter account Saturday that he would follow Missouri Senator Josh Hawley to raise objections next week when Congress meets to affirm President-elect Joe Biden's victory.....per Hays Daily News

This [email protected]@hole is supporting trumpig's coup attempt, shame we can't fire or jail all of them.

More reasons why Moscow Grinch belongs in prison


Fairly long article but worth the read, IMHO

YEA & NAY votes on the $2000 house bill listed by state

Here's the governments list of who voted YEA & NAY on the $2000 bill listed by state, look up your Rep's


Roger Marshall, Ron Estes & Steven Watkins believe you don't need $2000, $600 was to much

Roger & Ron voted "NAY", Steven was a no show, same as voting no, IMO. You can check all the votes here.


PS Have a Happy New Year......after Jan. 20th


What my tRumper neighbor yelled at me after I mentioned it. Then added "besides you can't investigate
a president, he would have stopped it". So I dared him to do a google search ( Grand Jury trump ) on his
smart phone or home computer. Adding "the truth will set you free". After parting ways, got to thinking
about how many trumpers are ignorant of the NYSD Grand Jury? Sure faux news isn't promoting it. So
there's another idea we can use to un-repug people, dare them into a google search.

Why can't we use the National Defense Act to have other companies manufacture the vaccine?

We are at war with an unseen enemy that kills people. Surely there's companies who have the
capabilities to start producing this vaccine other than the current 2. Sooner we eliminate this
virus from the face of the earth will be a positive for mankind.

Federal lawsuit alleges Kan. deputy purposely ran over Black man

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