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KS Toronado

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Member since: Wed Mar 25, 2020, 01:07 AM
Number of posts: 4,139

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Could be an excellent campaign slogan for Democrats right now, especially with all the lies and
misinformation the current W.H. administration is putting out.

How E. Jean Carroll Can Prove Her Case Without Trump's DNA

E. Jean Carroll should simply ask his sister Judge Maryanne Trump Barry, or his niece Mary Trump
for a sample of their DNA to prove tRump raped her. Be nice if the truth came out before Nov 3rd.
I'm not a facebook or twitter member, so anybody that is and knows how to pass this information
along to these ladies could be helping Joe win the election of our lifetimes. Entire article at
dailykos below......lets help him face the music.


Has anyone recieved their mail-in ballots yet? I thought they were to be mailed

out from the election office the first of Sept. I could be mistaken, won't be the first time.
Vote blue no matter who.

Unbelievable mail from Conservative Caucus today

In their list of voter concerns to check-mark was this gem.......

"Restoration of the Fairness Doctrines to destroy Fox News and conservative talk radio"

Sounds like repugs are aware that reinstating the Fairness Doctrine would insure a
" Fair & Balanced " MSM, holy shit they don't want that, you know an informed public.
Would hurt their gas-lighting!

Roger Marshall voted against the post office yesterday along with our other R representatives

Hope Barbara Bollier can use this to her advantage.

Roger Marshall care about USPS?

Pelosi, Maloney Joined by 173 House Democrats in Calling on Postmaster General to Reverse Assault on Postal Service.
Article was posted 8/12/20, I don't see any repugs wanting answers about whats happening to our postal system
during a pandemic, right before a presidential election. Did the committee forget to ask republicans their opinion,
or are they all onboard with orange dumbo against mail in voting. Need reporters asking Roger Marshall why he
isn't concerned with the assault on the USPS. Full press release here.....


shame shame roger

RepubliCONs October Surprise

The “October Surprise” is a common political ploy used by a political party to harm their opponents. There is no doubt Barr and Trump will utilize this as a last-ditch effort. They have enormous tools at their disposal, including Putin’s manipulations. With Russia in their pocket, these guys could produce anything from deep fake videos of Biden in a compromising position, such as the “dead girl, live boy” kompromat, or they could instigate false flag violence in order to turn the election their way. They not only have every option at their disposal while in power, they have indicated they have every intention of using all of them.

Entire article here.......


Since the Atty General of New York is dissolving the NRA, how is this going to affect

the ballot box Nov 3rd? Will repugs double down on their "they're gonna take your guns"
rhetoric possibly influencing independents? One thing I've always thought was if Democrats
would say they were 2nd amendment supporters, we could take away one big repug
talking point. We could also talk about enhanced background checks that would only
piss off the deplorables who would never vote for a Democrat anyway. Isn't it around 80%
of NRA members who want better background checks, but McTurtle won't even vote on it?

McAllen Tx starting "Death Panels"

Isn't this what republicans said about Obama-care?

Texas county, overwhelmed with Covid-19, will deny treatment to those deemed unlikely to survive

The situation in Texas has deteriorated to the point where one county’s health authority has implemented a triage committee for the purpose of determining which Covid-19 patients the county’s single hospital will treat, and which patients will be sent home to die.

According to the McAllen, Texas affiliate WSYR:

Full atricle here........


And just like that Gov Kelly said

My trumpiger neighbor was repeating all the repugs talking points about coronavirus testing.
I replied, "Heard Gov Kelly told the highway patrol to stop testing their radar guns and just like
that we have no more people speeding on interstate. Problem solved." He huffed & puffed &
walked away.
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