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Member since: Sat Mar 21, 2020, 01:43 AM
Number of posts: 2,089

Journal Archives

Bill Kristol Awarded 2nd Place To The Fly

First Place to Kamala.

Is Drumpf Golfing Today?

Haven't seen him so far today, and figure he's enjoying his Sunday, taking a day off from the rigors of campaigning.

FYI: Franken.....Al Franken.......Coming Up On MSNBC nt

CNN Is Showing A Bunch Of Morons With American & Drumpf Flags At Walter Reed

And 1 of them is letting the American flag drag across the floor.

This May Be The Final Image We Ever See Of Drumpf

Walking to the helicopter to go to hospital for a disease that currently has no cure.

I Don't Need To Remind Anyone Here, But Keep Eye On The Ball & VOTE!!

Don't be consumed by the minor distraction that is the health of Drumpf.

One way or another, his days are numbered. If not this month, then on January 20.

Does It Seem Logical To Conclude That Nomination Event Was The Superspreader Source?

The timing works out perfect, and there were people there who are now testing positive, that were not around the "president" at any other time. Like the guy from Notre Dame.

Perhaps it was circulating prior to that, or maybe it started there. But it does seem like at least 1 person there had it, and more likely, several.

The Rule Of 3 Must Apply

For every person the Government admits has the Virus, there are at least 2 others they're not admitting to.

The Virus Is In Control Now

It has always been ALL ABOUT THE VIRUS!!

Politics won't change the Virus. Prayers to God won't change the Virus. Even a vaccine won't completely eliminate the Virus.

The "president" will receive better care than perhaps any human on the planet. The Doctors will play Every Single Card they have in their deck, but even Doctors can't control the Virus, as many of them have succumbed to it already.

But ultimately, the Virus is in control now. If the Virus decides to mount an overwhelming attack on Drumpf's body, he's done for. That's the simple fact, and reality is, there may not be anything on the planet to prevent that if it's the course the Virus decides to take.

More Importantly, What About Tomorrow's SNL Season Premiere?

I'm sure they spent all week practicing their skits.

I truly believe that the Cold Open was going to be the Debate with Baldwin & Carrey.

Do they need to alter that now, or simply make up a new sketch on the fly for during the show? Obviously a joke during Weekend Update is easy to do, but doesn't this development warrant a sketch of it's own?
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