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Member since: Sat Mar 21, 2020, 01:43 AM
Number of posts: 2,082

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Dow Futures Dropped 220 Points In Last 2 Minutes nt

The Exit Polls Showing 18% Think Covid-19 Is Most Important Issue

Isn't it simply obvious that this poll is not polling those who voted early/mail/absentee? Anyone truly concerned about the virus, did not wait until today to vote in person.

James Carville Coming Up Next On MSNBC


Why Would CNN Stoop To Hiring PRick Santorum To Represent repubs On Election Day Broadcast?

I was really hoping he would just go away once he lost his Senate seat.

I had to switch to MSNBC, because I just can't stand him.

Biden Is Making Public Appearances, Drumpf Has Retreated To His Basement

If he or his handlers even thought this was going to be remotely close, he would be all over the media. IT'S WHO HE IS!

He knows, and is in seclusion trying to figure out how to avoid looking like a LOSER, but it's not going to work.

He Knows

It's Over.

Breaking: MSNBC Reporting Drumpf Called Into Faux Newz And Complained About Their Coverage Of Him

He also hedged his bets on whether he would declare victory tonight.

White House "Party" Attendance Reduced To 250

Just being reported on MSNBC.

CNN Has BREAKING NEWS About Harris County Story That MSNBC Reported Over An Hour Ago

Chris Cuomo is all, "this story just broke."

They're always so quick.

Getting The Party Started - Green Grass & High Tides (Live) - The Outlaws - 1978

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