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Member since: Sat Mar 21, 2020, 01:43 AM
Number of posts: 2,089

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CNN: 1,900 Difference In GA nt

It's A Good Thing CA Isn't A Swing State

I expect to see Biden's Popular Vote lead to increase substantially over the coming days, as he continues picking up votes in CA counting.

GA Just Dropped To Under 29K Difference nt

Breaking (CNN): White House Says Georgia Is Difference Between White House & Outhouse

He says they are concerned, because if they lose Georgia, it's OVER.

It Just Seems Like Many States Will Forever Be Unreachable By Democratic Presidential Candidates

Short of nominating a Pro-Life, Pro-Fracking, Racist, Pro-2nd Amendment, Anti-Immigrant candidate, what chance do we ever really have of winning Electoral Votes in places like Idaho/Alabama/Mississippi/South Carolina/North Dakota/Etc.?

I know we've made inroads in places like Arizona & Texas, but I think there are definite factors that contributed in both. Many Californians relocated to Arizona. I know a couple myself who did. And following Katrina, a ton of New Orleans residents moved to Houston, and Austin, a liberal community, grew in popularity.

I realize the party can feel safe with states like NY & CA in their pocket, but it feels like we're also giving up a ton of EV's right off the top, with all the Red states that essentially can be called before Election Day. Lord, if we could get just 2-3 of them, it would not be so close.

Breaking (CNN): Arizona Won't Have 99% Count Until Thursday Or Friday nt

Six More Fucking Years For Turtle, Lindsey, Joni & Susan

No consequences whatsoever.

Why should they bother changing? Answer....They Shouldn't, and I guarantee you that they Won't.

It's ALL working out just swell for them.


That is all.

In Less Important News, U.S. About To Hit 100,000 New Cases & 1,200 Deaths Today


Not all that important to half the country though.

Dow Futures Dropped 450 Points In Last 40 Minutes

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