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Member since: Sat Mar 21, 2020, 02:43 AM
Number of posts: 1,686

Journal Archives

Senator Sanders Interview With Rachel At Bottom Of Hour nt

My Prediction: Extreme Unrest In Louisville Tonight

It just seems inevitable.

If/When Biden Wins, Should Justice Breyer Retire During His Term?

He'll be 86 by the time 2024 election comes around.

Chuck Schumer Coming Up On Rachel Maddow

Sometime this hour.

Overnight Dow Futures Are Crashing

Presently projected to open Down 600 points.

Who Is Worse? Barrett Or Lagoa?

I'm sure they're both bad, but it seems like more is known about Barrett's views, and it seems like Health Care, Prayer In Schools & Roe Vs Wade are all pretty much in her sights.

Beautiful Un-Thank You Acceptance By Best Drama Emmy Winner

It was a thing of beauty by the Producer.

Quit Saying Susan Collins Is A No Vote

She's CONCERNED, but she has Not said she would vote No.

It is her valued opinion, that any vote should be held off on, with the Election Winner getting to make the pick.

She DOES NOT say that if there is a vote, she'll vote No.

She knows she's going to lose anyways, and will do this for the party. Roe Vs Wade proponent MY ASS. She couldn't care less about it, and will gladly vote for whomever her Leader nominates.

Just watch....she'll probably use the fact it's a woman as her justification.

It Sickens Me That They May Get Clobbered, But Will Still Get This Victory Lap

They're going to act like the Scorned Assholes that they are.

They will probably get washed out of office in 45 days, and then take their revenge by appointing someone that All Those who voted against them and won, would not approve of.

They'll do it because they can, and they'll do it because that's the kind of Assholes that they are. They are evil, and they'll take whatever they can get, right or wrong.

Breaking: More Free Paper Towels For Puerto Rico!

Got to get those Latino votes in Florida.

It will probably work. American voters seem to have short term memories.
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