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Member since: Sat Mar 21, 2020, 02:43 AM
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More Importantly, What About Tomorrow's SNL Season Premiere?

I'm sure they spent all week practicing their skits.

I truly believe that the Cold Open was going to be the Debate with Baldwin & Carrey.

Do they need to alter that now, or simply make up a new sketch on the fly for during the show? Obviously a joke during Weekend Update is easy to do, but doesn't this development warrant a sketch of it's own?

Looks Like We're Going To Get A Very Exciting Series Finale!!

This guy really knows his Reality TV.

I'd Put It At 60% Chance He's Tested Positive

I think we'll know by morning.

It may not be a slow news Friday.

Dr. On CNN Says Pelosi Needs To Quarantine

He says that it's possible Both the "president" and "vice-president" have the virus, and the line of succession needs to remain intact.

I'm Not Getting My "Hopes" Up

But if Drumpf somehow tests Positive, the election is over, and the repub party is going to get absolutely crushed in 33 days.

Hillary Clinton Says She Would Consider A Biden Cabinet Position If Asked

Last night on James Corden, she said that she feels it's her duty, if asked, to consider serving the country again.

John Legend & Chrissy Teigen Lose Baby Boy

Very sad news. Send thoughts their way.


With Amount Of Time Biden Will Have To Spend Fact Checking, He Won't Have Time To Answer Questions

That is Drumpf's whole game plan.

Biden is going to spend the 1st minute of EVERY response, pointing out the LIE that Drumpf just gave.

Biden-Harris Sticker - "I Paid More In Taxes Than...."


After He Gets Crushed In This Tuesday's Debate.....

Drumpf is going to COMPLAIN, COMPLAIN, COMPLAIN, that Chris Wallace's questions were UNFAIR and TRICKY.

He'll COMPLAIN that the Fake Media is not being fair to him and his Incredible performance.

He's a dead man walking. The debate has not even begun, and he's already lost it.
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