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Member since: Sat Mar 21, 2020, 01:43 AM
Number of posts: 2,082

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New Threat To Economy - Americans Saving Like It's The '80's

Americans are slashing their spending, hoarding cash and shrinking their credit card debt as they fear their jobs could disappear during the coronavirus pandemic.

US credit card debt suddenly reversed course in March and fell by the largest percentage in more than 30 years. At the same time, savings rates climbed to levels unseen since Ronald Reagan was in the White House.

The dramatic shifts in consumer behavior reflect the unprecedented turmoil in the US economy caused by the pandemic. Although caution is a logical response to that uncertainty, hunkering down also poses a risk to the recovery in an economy dominated by consumer spending. A so-called V-shaped recovery can't happen if consumers are sitting on the sidelines.


It's Like Chuckie Todd Is On All Day Now

I'm finding myself watching MSNBC less and less and less. I'm pretty much down to Rachel & Lawrence now.

Does Anyone Know Why CNN's Death # Is 1,200 Below MSNBC's?

They both are supposedly from Johns Hopkins University. But right now, MSNBC says over 81,000 deaths, while CNN shows 79,900.

U.S. & Russia Will Be #1 & #2 In Cases Soon

Russia is moving up rapidly. They're at almost 200K, not far behind U.K., who are still accelerating rapidly.

Russia looks like they'll be #1 in Asia, UK will be #1 in Europe, and the Good 'Ol U S Of A will be #1 Period!!

William Henry Harrison

Presidents do occasionally die while in office. This one actually died from pneumonia symptoms.

On March 26, 1841, Harrison became ill with cold-like symptoms. His symptoms grew progressively worse over the next two days, at which time a team of doctors was called in to treat him.[116] The prevailing misconception at the time was that his illness had been caused by the bad weather at his inauguration three weeks earlier.[117] The doctors diagnosed him with right lower lobe pneumonia, then placed heated suction cups on his bare torso and administered a series of bloodlettings to draw out the disease.[118] Those procedures failed to bring about improvement, so the doctors treated him with ipecac, castor oil, calomel, and finally with a boiled mixture of crude petroleum and Virginia snakeroot. All this only weakened Harrison further.[116]

Initially, no official announcement was made concerning Harrison's illness, which fueled public speculation and concern the longer he remained out of public view. By the end of the month, large crowds were gathering outside the White House, holding vigil while awaiting any news about the president's condition.[116] Harrison died on April 4, 1841, nine days after becoming ill[119] and exactly one month after taking the oath of office; he was the first president to die in office.[118] Jane McHugh and Philip A. Mackowiak did an analysis in Clinical Infectious Diseases (2014), examining Dr. Miller's notes and records of the White House water supply being downstream of public sewage, and they concluded that he likely died of septic shock due to "enteric fever" (typhoid or paratyphoid fever).[120][121] His last words were to his attending doctor, though assumed to be directed at Vice President John Tyler:

400,000 Americans Died In World War II

It is not unrealistic to think that we will pass that total by Election Day.

VE (Virus Eradication) Day is a long way away for us.

It Will Just Wash Over The White House

Trump reportedly asked Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious disease expert and a key member of the White House’s coronavirus task force, whether U.S. officials could allow the coronavirus pandemic to “wash over” the country, The Washington Post reported.

Only In Amerika Can Someone Follow Another, Attack Them, Then Claim Self Defense

We are one Fucked up country, with one Fucked up judicial system.

So I guess that if the victim had shot and killed this Asshole Killer instead of the way it happened, it wouldn't be self defense, the corrupt police probably would have charged him with murder.

You know, murder while jogging, minding your own business, and being attacked by someone with a weapon.

Governor Andrew Cuomo On Tonight's "A Late Show with Stephen Colbert"

That is all.

Heavy Death Toll Came As Surprise To Head Of Sweden's No-Lockdown Plan

The man leading Sweden's coronavirus response says the country's elevated death toll "really came as a surprise to us."

Dr. Anders Tegnell, Sweden's state epidemiologist, appeared on "The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" on Tuesday, when he described the country's controversial approach.

"We never really calculated with a high death toll initially, I must say," he said.

"We calculated on more people being sick, but the death toll really came as a surprise to us."

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