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Member since: Sat Mar 21, 2020, 02:43 AM
Number of posts: 1,735

Journal Archives

Livestream Link To Watch Racist Steve King(IA) Lose In Primary


This Racist Incident Happened Near Me In South Orange County, CA Yesterday

Warning: Graphic Language is used.


So What If Every Living President Were Invited & Attended George's Funeral, Except One

Carter, Clinton, Bush, Obama.....and of course the Next, Biden.

I want this to happen.

They're Arresting Protesters In Washington DC

Have Vans lined up, and boxes of Zip Ties. Watching on a livestream, as they take them from the street.

Livestreams From Lafayette Square


Martial Law

Won't surprise me at all.

You Seeing The Amount Of Fucking Military, Cops & Arms??

They will kill EVERYONE in that crowd to protect him.

The Stock Market Is Shrugging This Off

I'm not sure why everyone is so worried. I figured with all this chaos, that the market would be tanking.

Nope. The Dow Futures are actually up at the moment.

So it's all good folks.

Tonight Can Either Go Well.....Or Not

I had started the day hoping for the best. But as nighttime approaches, I think there's a possibility things will deteriorate quickly.

Great Live Stream Of Newark, NJ Protest

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