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Member since: Sat Mar 21, 2020, 02:43 AM
Number of posts: 1,735

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Welp, CNN & MSNBC Are About To Lose My Viewership For Remainder Of Day & Night

Once they feel they HAVE TO air the Pep Rally and Spin Fest, so Drumpf can blame the Democrats for the lack of a stimulus bill, I'm turning them off until At Least Saturday.

My viewership won't be missed, I'm sure.

I Guarantee You Drumpf Will Give His Acceptance Speech Here....

His Washington D.C. Hotel.

A Fucking Grifter's Paradise!!

He'd probably prefer to do it at Mara Lago, but there's this Out Of Control Pandemic in Florida at the moment.

Too Bad Nobody Asked Him Who Would Attack Lebanon

Since he was up there saying the Generals thought it was an attack, then by who?

Only 1 country I know who could be responsible for something like this.

He's such a Fucking IDIOT. Mr. Pro-Israel essentially made them the prime suspect in an unbelievably deadly "Attack." Talk about throwing an ally under a bus.

I'm sure today he'll have some excuse for what he said yesterday. FUCK HIM. He criticizes Joe, but Joe would never be so ignorant as to say what Drumpf said yesterday.

Kobach: Everything Drumpf Touches, Dies nt

There Are 90 Days Before Election Day

The 91st is actually the day people will have to vote.

That means 90 Days to get the economy moving along.

90 Days to get additional stimulus to people, so they can put it back into the economy.

90 Days to find a vaccine, and begin distribution, so Drumpf can claim that it happened under his watch.


I'm in California, which Biden will win by 40%, but I still Cannot Fucking Wait To Vote.

Did You Catch Where He Said His Officials Say Beirut Was An Intentional Attack?

The reporter had to ask him a 2nd time, to clarify she heard his answer correctly. And he explained further that he was being told that it was an attack rather than an accident.

McVeigh Used 2 Tons Of Ammonium Nitrate To Blow Up OK Federal Building

Supposedly there was 2,750 Tons being held in storage in Beirut for the last 7 years, since it was confiscated from a ship.

Surely the death toll is going to easily reach the 4 figures.

The # Of Dead In Beirut Must Be In The 4 Figures

Not sure how many were in that area near the port, but it looks like Puerto Rico did after the Category 5 Hurricane. Just destruction everywhere.

Anyone Seen William Barr?

Last he was seen, was walking out of Tuesday's hearing with Coronavirus Denier Louie Gohmert. Who then was diagnosed with Covid the following day.

Supposedly, Barr was tested that day, and came up negative. Reports said that he would be tested again.

NOTHING has been said about him since then.

Possible he's just quarantining, and is not infected. Of course, also possible he tested positive on the 2nd test, and they're keeping quiet about it.

Well, if he is infected, and it does get worse, we'll eventually hear about it. Be tough to keep that secret in the long term.

Here Are My VP Thoughts, FWIW

I've always thought Kamala Harris was the most likely, and still do.

Based on what I've observed, I'd put Susan Rice in the strongly under consideration spot.

IMO, the clear Dark Horse kind of popped onto the radar within recent weeks. Tammy Duckworth.

Tammy would be extremely difficult to go after, given that she's a war hero. I know, that didn't stop them going after Kerry, but I think it would be so much different now, and attacking a critically wounded Female former military, would not fly in 2020.
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