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Member since: Sat Mar 21, 2020, 01:43 AM
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The # Of Dead In Beirut Must Be In The 4 Figures

Not sure how many were in that area near the port, but it looks like Puerto Rico did after the Category 5 Hurricane. Just destruction everywhere.

Anyone Seen William Barr?

Last he was seen, was walking out of Tuesday's hearing with Coronavirus Denier Louie Gohmert. Who then was diagnosed with Covid the following day.

Supposedly, Barr was tested that day, and came up negative. Reports said that he would be tested again.

NOTHING has been said about him since then.

Possible he's just quarantining, and is not infected. Of course, also possible he tested positive on the 2nd test, and they're keeping quiet about it.

Well, if he is infected, and it does get worse, we'll eventually hear about it. Be tough to keep that secret in the long term.

Here Are My VP Thoughts, FWIW

I've always thought Kamala Harris was the most likely, and still do.

Based on what I've observed, I'd put Susan Rice in the strongly under consideration spot.

IMO, the clear Dark Horse kind of popped onto the radar within recent weeks. Tammy Duckworth.

Tammy would be extremely difficult to go after, given that she's a war hero. I know, that didn't stop them going after Kerry, but I think it would be so much different now, and attacking a critically wounded Female former military, would not fly in 2020.

Cardinals COVID-19 Outbreak: More Positive Test Results Expected, Per Report

Source: CBS Sports

Major League Baseball is reportedly bracing for additional positive COVID-19 tests among the St. Louis Cardinals. It was reported the Cardinals had at least six positive test results among their traveling party, including three from players, on Friday and Saturday. Their three-game weekend series in Milwaukee against the Brewers was postponed.

On Sunday, Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported the Cardinals had four inconclusive tests Saturday (one player and three staff members), and those would be in addition to the positive tests already known. ESPN's Jeff Passan adds that multiple new positives are "expected." The team said it did not anticipate having new test results until Monday, however, and would remain in Milwaukee overnight.

The Cardinals are scheduled to play four games against the Tigers in Detroit from Tuesday to Thursday, including a Wednesday doubleheader, the league announced. It's unclear how Sunday's test results will affect the Cardinals' schedule at the moment.

Read more: https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/cardinals-covid-19-outbreak-more-positive-test-results-expected-per-report/

Baseball is still hanging on by a thread. 2 Teams still out of commission.

National Hockey League

On Scoreboard at game.

Goalies Wear Masks. So Should You.

Herman Cain Was A Mere Appetizer For The Virus

He's a relatively insignificant lackey, whose death was a passing story, and not nearly important enough to make even a minor dent in the coverage of John Lewis' Funeral.

When it gets someone in MORON'S inner circle, so to speak, it's all but over for him. A repub Senator, or a prominent Representative like Gohmert or Jacket Off Jordan.

But my hopes are still for the big prize. No, not Drumpf himself......William Barr. Who was last seen walking with Louie the day before Louie tested positive.

Barr seems like a prime candidate for the Virus to do damage. If he did contract it, and required hospitalization, they would move heaven and earth to keep him alive.

Hurricane/Tropical Storm Expected To Kill 300-500 Floridians This Weekend

Sorry, put the wrong headline in. It should say:

Coronavirus Expected To Kill 300-500 Floridians This Weekend

That sounds much less alarming I guess.

He Ate NY Pizza With A Fucking Fork

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