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Member since: Sat Mar 21, 2020, 01:43 AM
Number of posts: 2,048

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The Republic Party nt

They Definitely Don't Have Enough Flags

The more flags you have, the more patriotic you are.

He Loved Cops So Much, I'll Bet He Couldn't Wait To Shoot People & Get Away With It EVERY TIME

Now hopefully he'll spend the rest of his life in jail, getting mistreated by prison guards, rather than being on the other side, and probably killing lots of black people along the way.

More Proof That God Hates Drumpf!

God has sent Hurricane Laura, and timed it to coincide with Drumpf's big speech, and the final day of the repub Pep Rally.

God feels that the only way to be sure that he does not get re-elected, is to kill people. An epidemic taking the lives of almost 200,000 Americans does not seem to have sealed the deal quite yet, so God will keep trying.

You know.....just to be sure.

Some People Who Won't Be At This Week's Convention

Michael Cohen

Paul Manafort

Michael Flynn

Steve Bannon

Jerry Falwell, Jr

Kellyanne Conway

Herman Cain

Lincoln Project Night 1 Livestream


Useless "Independent" Justin Amash Voted No nt

They Screwed Up The Roll Call

Delaware passed, so I immediately assumed they would make it so that it came back to them when the time came to put Joe over the top.

Instead North Carolina ended up being the one, nothing was actually said about it, and they only had the totals on the MSNBC broadcast, to let you know it was official.

It seemed like Minnesota passed as well, I never heard Amy give the totals.

Meg Whitman: Endorsed Hillary - Endorsing Joe - Speaking Tonight At Convention

She also apparently criticized Chris Christie for endorsing Drumpf again.

I guess like Kasich, she's still a repub, but she Hates Drumpf.

There Won't Be A President Alive Who Will Attend Drumpf's Funeral

Carter, Clinton, W, Obama, Biden......they would probably All attend funerals for each other, even with some of the animosity they may feel.

But you can be damn sure that they all despise Drumpf enough, that they will find an excuse when his time comes.

It cannot come soon enough.
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