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Member since: Sat Mar 21, 2020, 01:43 AM
Number of posts: 2,089

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A Win Should Not Be The Goal

The goal should be a LANDSLIDE.

James Carville said it best. Biden could win by 10 to 20 electoral votes, and we'll all be happy. Or we can really send a message, and it will be a Slaughter. So bad that the election is considered to be over many weeks prior to November 3.

So Today, Democratic Mayor Byron Brown Threw Mr. Gugino Under The Bus

Said that there had been announcements and orders to leave the area, and he was in violation of those as well as curfew.

That there had been skirmishes earlier in the day against the police, so they were justified in clearing the area.

I didn't see his entire speech, just what they showed tonight on CNN.

So I Guess Douchebag Donnie Won't Be Doing A Photo Op In Minneapolis

I don't think we have enough military in this country to guarantee his safety there.

Jon Batiste & Friends Rallying Live Now In New York


Anthony Brennan III's Brother Is 7th Circuit Appeals Judge Appointed By Drumpf

He was nominated Twice. The 2nd time, he was pushed through on a party line vote, even though Senator Tammy Baldwin was withholding her Blue Slip.

Oh, and he's the founder of Milwaukee's chapter of Federalist Society.

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown Covering & Making Excuses For Police

Listening to him right now on Rachel Maddow. She keeps questioning things he's saying, and he continues to give the standard police excuses.

EXTREMELY disappointing to hear from a member of the Democratic Party. He seems more interested in defending the police than criticizing their actions in the harshest possible terms.

Lawrence O'Donnell Is Live At Midnight EST With Buffalo Video Story

On Right Now

If You Or I Pushed A cop And They Fell And Bled

If there was anything left of you to charge, you would be arrested and in jail within the hour.

NOT simply Suspended without pay.

Disappointed that Cuomo did not order that.

CNN Just Showed The Buffalo Video

Man is 75 years old.

In Case You Missed It, Another Great Tweet From Stephen King

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