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Member since: Sat Mar 21, 2020, 01:43 AM
Number of posts: 2,087

Journal Archives

This Brad Parscale Tweet Aged Poorly


They Just Cancelled Outdoor Speech To "Overflow" Crowd!!

Heard it on the right wing station broadcasting inside arena.

What If You Held A Million Person Rally, And About 5,000 People Showed Up?

How will they spin this?

Like the inauguration probably.

MSNBC Covering Tulsa Protester Being Hassled By Police & Drumpf Campaign

She is sitting in middle of street, outside entrance to venue. They are trying to get her to leave, and she won't move. Media is there interviewing her.

They're going to probably arrest her.....just because.

Edit: They are arresting her right now.

Don Lemon Just Interviewed Both Fathers From The Toddler Video

I HIGHLY recommend watching the replay. Spent most of the interview talking with both fathers, and then finished with the lawyer who is representing them in a potential civil suit.

Some wonderful human beings.

If I Wear 5 Masks, Will It Mean I Hate Him Even More?

I'm willing to express my hatred for Drumpf, while keeping myself and others safe. Well, at least most "others."

Atlanta Officers Being Charged

Arrest Warrants being issued.

Surprise! San Francisco Racist Lisa Alexander Was Drumpf Supporter & Covid Denier

Someone on Nextdoor got a link to her Twitter Cache.


Atlanta Officer Involved In Shooting Has Been Fired

Just reported on CNN.

Imperial March

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