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Member since: Fri Mar 13, 2020, 03:54 AM
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No, the "Ghost of Kyiv" was not a single person.


Ukraine’s Air Force asks to stop producing stupid fake stories. Pilot Serhiy Tarabalka was not “the Ghost of Kyiv” and he did not have 40 (!!) air victories. He was killed in combat on March 13. “The Ghost of Kyiv” is a meme, a collective image of all Ukrainian fighter pilots."

The "Ghost of Kyiv" lives on. You cannot kill a myth.

Should student loans be forgiven?

Bulgaria, a NATO country, agrees to repair Ukrainian military hardware, and use port to receive

...Ukrainian grain.


Will a lend lease law dramatically turn the tide of the Ukraine war?

Lend lease seems to have passed it's first step in the house after it was approved by the rules committee, I guess. Do you think that a lend lease law will dramatically shift the dynamics of the war?

Will you leave twitter if Elon Musk takes it over?

I have deactivated my account, but plan to reactivate it if a deal falls through, and no sale happens.

(edit: Musk has acquired twitter)

The EU's mutual defense clause

I didn't realize it had one:

Mutual defence clause

The Treaty of Lisbon strengthens the solidarity between EU countries in dealing with external threats by introducing a mutual defence clause (Article 42(7) of the Treaty on European Union). This clause provides that if an EU country is the victim of armed aggression on its territory, the other EU countries have an obligation to aid and assist it by all the means in their power, in accordance with Article 51 of the United Nations Charter.

This obligation of mutual defence is binding on all EU countries. However, it does not affect the neutrality of certain EU countries and is consistent with the commitments of EU countries which are NATO members.

This provision is supplemented by the solidarity clause (Article 222 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU) which provides that EU countries are obliged to act jointly where an EU country is the victim of a terrorist attack or a natural or man-made disaster.


The question of course is how will this affect the Ukraine situation if Ukraine is granted full membership during the invasion?

Where is the red line in Ukraine?

At what point should NATO directly engage Russia in Ukraine?

Reworded poll: Should NATO immediately directly engage Russia militarily in Ukraine?

What will happen if and when lend lease is approved?

Will it result in bigger, more effective weapons such as jets and long range missiles being sent to Ukraine? Or will it be more of the same but just more efficiently sent?

Should NATO immediately become directly involved in the Ukraine war?

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