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Member since: Fri Mar 13, 2020, 03:54 AM
Number of posts: 5,468

Journal Archives

S-300s to Ukraine scrutinized by WH


If this is true, it is very, very bad.

Should NATO help Ukraine shoot down Russian jets that are murdering civilians?

Was the will Smith thing staged?

Estonia... Has given Ukraine 6 times more than Germany


Best anti air systems given to Ukraine so far?

So far I think they have not received any s-300s or S-400s, but the UK has supposedly sent Starstreak missiles which I think are more effective than the stingers we have been sending. Is Ukraine set to receive anything better -or have they received anything better (in the context of anti air)?

A call for arms:The weapons that Ukraine needs


What should NATO do (re: Ukraine)?

"defence is not escalation."


Poland protests in support of Ukraine:


From a Ukrainian re: Mariupol


Anastasiia Lapatina
Ukrainians in #Mariupol are DYING FROM HUNGER, the government says. Russia is attacking all humanitarian convoys that try to enter the sieged city. People are starving. This is a deliberate destruction of Ukrainians as a nation. They are killing us, starving us, deporting us
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