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Member since: Fri Mar 13, 2020, 03:54 AM
Number of posts: 5,467

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Never Have I Ever

Incredible show. One of the best on Netflix I've seen so far. Anybody else watch it?

538 averages for CA recall (Keep +4)

Don't pop out the champagne yet, but it looks like at least the polling is getting dramatically better. There is now only one poll in the latest averages that is favoring removal.


Californians: If you haven't already sent back your ballot, please do. And if you plan to vote in person, please do it as soon as possible. Some folks I know already misplaced their ballots because they procrastinated.

Californians only: have you voted in the recall election??

538 CA recall poll averages(keep +1.2)

Keep 48.8
Remove 47.6

Although it is starting to look like the polls favoring remove are becoming more of an outlier.


Turned in my ballot for the California recall

Wife and I put them in the mail yesterday. There wasn't much of a strong inclination to vote for any replacement, as Newsom was clearly the best candidate on the ballot. That being said, I wrote in my first choice in the primaries, Antonio Villaragosa, after I voted "no"for the recall. Anybody else turn in their ballot yet?

Should the fillibuster be eliminated in the US Senate?

If there is a lesson to be learned from the Turner loss, it is this:

Do not equate a potential nominee of your party to a "bowl of shit" if you have any desire to represent that party in the future. Just sayin

And of course there are others, but this one sticks out.

Congrats to Shontel Brown and her supporters

Hopefully we can all put that terrible and divisive campaign behind us and look forward actually saving our democracy, and all the other incredibly important tasks ahead of us.

Silent thread for Gunther Hashida

The Metropolitan Police Officer who responded on 1/6 and passed away today by suicide.

A Japanese American police officer killed himself today after 18 years of service

Many of us Japanese Americans, even in the younger generations, dedicated ourselves to public service and joined the military or became police officers-at least in part because of the skepticism, bigotry, distrust and disdain that our country had for us years prior. It was in many ways their way of saying "we love this country too and are as much a part of defending it as you are regardless of what you did to our friends and family for what we look like." For me, I joined the military in part because I wanted to prove to -at least myself, that my Japanese and German heritage does not make me "The axis powers," like my peers as a child would like me to believe.

Gunther Hashida, however, did prove he was a patriot, gave his life to protecting his country from terrorism, and is exponentially a better person than every piece of shit that tried to kill him on 1/6, but succeeded today. May he rest in peace, and may we bring justice to him and to everybody who continues to protect our country.

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