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Member since: Fri Mar 13, 2020, 03:54 AM
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Waiting -John Mayer

Joe Manchin votes with Republicans 54% of the time (from 2018)

From his own website:

Senator Manchin Votes with President Trump. Click here to learn more.

Since 2011, no Democrat currently serving in the Senate has split with the party more often, including 80 votes in which Senator Manchin was the only Democrat to break with his party and vote with the majority of Senate Republicans.
Overall, Senator Manchin has voted with the majority of Senate Republicans on 1,172 different votes or 54% of the votes he has taken as a United States Senator.


The last two years is one thing. The last ten years is something else entirely. Something he is proud of, apparently.

On edit:

The link is of course from a couple years back when he was running for re-election last. However Manchin's voting record shows that in the last 3 congresses combined, he voted with Republicans and Trump 50.4% of the time.


Does anybody else doubt that BBB died when BIF passed the house?

Or do they assume that Manchin would have made this declaration regardless of whether his bill didn't make it through?

Was BBB dead all along or was there always a chance it could have passed? Is there still a chance?

Joe Manchin is a

Senator from West Virginia who has derailed
congress' landmark legislation. This action aided
Republicans as they have sought to block each
Optimal action that Democrats took. I get
our best hope of long term success rests in this
guy, but I'll be damned if we keep groveling at his feet
expecting him to do the right thing.

Just overheard today a guy in his thirties say Naruto and Goku were from the same show....

Does anybody else feel this is completely unacceptable? I had half a mind to throw a tantrum right then and there...

Joe Manchin is ...

Brilliant and sophisticated. He is
unifying, focused and
loves to represent the people. He
lights a fire under us and
speaks for the underserved.
He is a valuable,
independent senator and


K let me do Trump now. Trump is a

F antastic negotiator
u ndeniably proficient, concerned
c itizen, and
k nowledgeable.

F or our sake, he
a scended to power,
c onfirmed our hopes and
e spouses freedom.

(No. None of those sentences in themselves are true, I know)

(spoilers!)Slate: Midnight Mass Is Drenched in Blood and Catholicism, but There's One Thing Missing

This is a pretty great exploration of the show's content, but I encourage you to only read after you have watched the entire series.


Murphy is the first Democratic governor to be re elected in NJ since 1977

He won by 3.2 points.

Murphy is the first Democratic governor to be reelected in New Jersey since 1977.


Fucking Tulsi Gabbard now saying BBB would make government too big

WTF did she think a Bernie presidency would have done?

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