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Member since: Fri Mar 13, 2020, 03:54 AM
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FT: China poised to help Russia


The Kyiv Independent
⚡️ Financial Times: China poised to help Russia.

FT quoted unnamed officials, writing that “the U.S. has told allies that China signaled its willingness to provide military assistance to Russia to support its invasion of Ukraine.”
11:16 AM · Mar 14, 2022

Original Source: https://www.ft.com/content/52ea7aab-f8d1-46b6-9d66-18545c5ef9b9

When should the US get directly involved militarily in the Ukraine crisis?

Forbes: Secure humanitarian corridors for 2nd Berlin Airlift over Ukraine


As Moscow thrashes about in Ukraine, unable to unwind an increasingly disastrous invasion, the situation is bleak for Ukraine’s non-combatant civilian population. Ceasefires on the ground to allow civilian passage out of Mariupol and Volnovakha have collapsed. With nothing on the horizon to relieve the situation, one humanitarian option is to establish a set of secure life-saving air corridors within Ukraine.

Time is of the essence. Within days, the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine will be intolerable.

In Europe, secure air corridors have been used for humanitarian purposes before. The United States, Britain and France employed humanitarian air corridors in 1948 and 1949, after the Soviet Union began a blockade of Berlin. The Berlin Airlift used three contested air corridors to resupply the besieged German city.

What will the new military aid package provide to Ukraine?

Any clue as to what kind of weapons -if any, Ukraine will receive from the bill that was passed yesterday?

Should Ukraine get the jets?

Yeah I know this issue is dead. And I hope that they at least get some high quality SAMs from this last bill, but what is DU's opinion on the jet sitch? I guess I still support it because Ukraine is asking for them and frankly I think we should provide everything they think they need to defend themselves -regardless of the overall opinion of the affectiveness of such a scheme.

Stoltenberg Warns Russia against attack on arms Supply


The Kyiv Independent
⚡️ Stoltenberg warns Russia against attacks on arms supply to Ukraine.

“If there is any attack against any NATO country, NATO territory, that will trigger Article 5,” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said.
6:22 AM · Mar 9, 2022

This is a very strong warning against attacks on supply chains. In fact, it also gives NATO a strong tool to force Russian forces into specific areas in Ukraine without firing a shot.

Alexander Vindman on CNN


FYI: Ukraine does have pilots who can fly A-10s (according to CEPA)

Provide US A-10 ground-attack aircraft – currently scheduled to be mothballed – to Ukraine as Excess Defense Articles. Thanks to prior military exchange programs, Ukraine already has a small number of pilots trained to fly the A-10. If spare parts and maintenance are required, use part of the US $1bn funding to allow Ukraine to hire private contractors, rather than involving US personnel directly.

I have seen these exchange programs in action when training at an AFB years ago. At the time they were training Saudi pilots on our planes.


Ted Lieu to AF: Transfer US air assets to Ukraine


President Zelenskyy has repeatedly made the same request: help Ukraine equalize its air power disadvantage. This may be a protracted war. Joined fellow @usairforce vet @RepHoulahan in urging @SecAFOfficial to immediately explore transferring US air assets to #Ukraine. Our letter:

Damage in Chernobyl


The only electrical grid supplying the Chornobyl NPP and all its nuclear facilities occupied by Russian army is damaged. CNPP lost all electric supply. I call on the international community to urgently demand Russia to cease fire and allow repair units to restore power supply 1/2

Dmytro Kuleba
Reserve diesel generators have a 48-hour capacity to power the Chornobyl NPP. After that, cooling systems of the storage facility for spent nuclear fuel will stop, making radiation leaks imminent. Putin’s barbaric war puts entire Europe in danger. He must stop it immediately! 2/2

The real threat of radiation leak should be enough for a no fly zone in Ukraine. Either that or Russia should allow the repair crews into the power plant.
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