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Member since: Fri Mar 13, 2020, 02:54 AM
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Is the gop soon planning to turn on trump?

First the rumors that trump was given till labor day by mcconnell to turn himself around, or else he will let his members turn their backs on him for re election. Then the leaking of the senate report on Russia (which I assume required the sign off of a GOP leader). And now the hearings on the post office? Could we soon be seeing the end of the trump/gop honeymoon? Or is that just wishful thinking?

The 1932 German Election

(This message directed towards the fringe "both parties are the same, bernie or bust, a cop isn't getting my vote" lurkers that might be around. Doubt it'll make much of a difference, but learning from history is necessary if we want to maintain any resemblance of a democracy at this point)

This was an election where Hindenburg and his social democrats ran against Adolph Hitler and his national socialists. Hitler lost the presidential election handily, but his party the national socialists, received a resounding gain in seats in the Reichstag of 123 seats, securing a plurality of 230 seats. The social democrats remained the second largest party with 133 seats, with the communists and smaller parties making up 245 seats, and deciding coalition. None of these parties wanted to cooperate in the forming of a coalition, due in part the thought that the national socialists and the social democrats were the same. Hindenburg had no other option but to form a coalition with the national socialists, which resulted in Hitler becoming Chancellor. A reichstag burning, Hitler replacing Hindenburg upon his death, a genocide, a world war and 2 atomic bombs later, I suspect the coalition parties might see hindsight as 2020.

In 2020, however, we have that history to learn from. We can easily avoid the mistakes of the past by not making the decision that both parties are as bad as each other -as one is increasingly fascist. Right now we have the full weight of fascism dropping in front of our eyes, and we have a choice to make -especially those in swing states: Do we let it?

Is it just me or is this theme of letting people die from covid because they

Are "unhealthy," just another way of promoting eugenics/ genetic superiority and a fascist state?

By "theme," I mean the crap spilling out of fox news and right wing nut jobs 24/7.

I made a meme thing


Will you be phonebanking for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris this year?

It is a hard thing to get used to: Cold calling strangers and potentially getting some negative responses. But I can assure it is worth it, and once you get the first 50 calls down, the next 1000 become cake. It's been a while since I've done much phone banking, and since working as an organizer for Obama in 2012, I haven't done a lot. However it does make an incredible difference. I saw places in 2016 that Trump had a substantial volunteer advantage to Clinton in some key states. If true, that might have made the difference (Maybe how he overcame a 6.5% polling deficit in Wisconsin). In fact, a 2008 study by 538 found that for every 10% marginal contact rate advantage a presidential candidate had in a given state, there was a 3% gain in actual votes. We need to make sure to out volunteer trump this year, and phone banking from home is the only way we can, now that the virus is keeping us locked down. So here's my question: Will you be phonebanking for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris this year? You can get started as early as today or this weekend.




How are people just letting this happen??

The USPS is actively getting rid of drop boxes, removing mail sorting machines, and deliberately slowing mail as the administration is transparently and actively trying to make voting by mail impossible. I swear to god that if we win this election despite the ratfuckery, there better be some seats added. Everybody in power with the ability to do something and not, is complicit in this crap. Every cabinet member not removing the fucker yesterday via the 25th amendment or public official in a place to stop it who doesn't, deserve the wrath of God over this.

People will go to prison.

Michael Moore on Kamala Harris


Kamala Harris! Biden could’ve swung right (Susan Rice), but he swung left. Kamala is one of the most progressive Senators in the US Senate and will, as Shaun King says, be the most progressive Vice President in the history of the United States. She is and remains one of the first co-sponsors of Bernie’s Medicare for All bill. In fact, go down the list — she checks nearly every box on Bernie’s platform: Living Wage, Choice, LGBTQ+ equality, peace, child care, etc.

It says a lot about Biden that after she rightly confronted him about race in that first debate that he held no grudge, no animosity. In fact, he might say it gave him pause and a chance to consider how his friendship with segregationist Senators might have been hurtful to people of color and that, even at this age, he can change, he can do better. As progressives, isn’t that at the core of what we stand for? Isn’t that the change we are fighting for? Our belief that America can do better and that our fellow Americans will join us in this movement for a more just and equitable society? Kamala Harris is one more step in that direction.

I’ve met her a few times and I can tell you (and you know I won’t BS you on this because I pretty much despise all politicians), she’s sincere, she has heart, she’s on our side. No, she’s not you or me. But we’re not on the ballot. WE are the movement, which in the long run is what is going to get us what we need. We keep building that movement, we will succeed. And one of our missions in 2020 is to crush Trump, reclaim the Senate and bring down the system of greed, racism, misogyny and white male privilege that gave us Trump — because that, my friends, is what has thrown us into the mad, dark hole we’re in. Our movement is on fire now, tens and tens of millions of us in the streets, at the polling sites, at home, organizing online, young people at the forefront, Black America once again saving us and forcing us to be what we say we are but never were. This is our moment.

And it is now the daughter of two immigrants, born in the last ten weeks of the Baby Boom (but seemingly with the soul of a millennial), possessing skill and smarts, a woman of color who could and did obliterate Bill Barr at a Senate hearing — she and we have a chance in 83 days to do something the entire world is desperately waiting for us to do. Good on you Joe Biden, congrats Kamala, onward!

How many calls for Joe into swing states will you make before election day?

Your vote in this poll is a commitment to make this many calls for Joe and Kamala. Voter contact will make the difference!


On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you that Joe picked Kamala?

10 being most excited, 1 being the least?

This is what happens in a tie.

...unless we win back 3 state delegations in November.

This is the partisan majority by state. As of last year, the majority went to Democrats after Justin Amash switched to Independent, so the total number is 23-26 Democrat to Republican.

That's nice info, but who cares? The count would come into play if a presidential election ended with no candidate reaching 270 electoral votes. In that case, the House would select the president, with each state receiving one vote. Note that should this occur with the 2020 election, it is the House elected in November, 2020 that would take the vote. The partisan distribution by state could be totally different after the next election, of course.

Expect Trump to pull all the stops, if there is serious controversy in the EC, the House may be the decider for who becomes president. We need 3 more states to make sure it goes the right way if that happens, and I have a feeling we can pull it off -with PA just needing one more seat, and opportunities in states like WI, OH, FL and elsewhere.
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