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Member since: Fri Mar 13, 2020, 03:54 AM
Number of posts: 5,357

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K let me do Trump now. Trump is a

F antastic negotiator
u ndeniably proficient, concerned
c itizen, and
k nowledgeable.

F or our sake, he
a scended to power,
c onfirmed our hopes and
e spouses freedom.

(No. None of those sentences in themselves are true, I know)

(spoilers!)Slate: Midnight Mass Is Drenched in Blood and Catholicism, but There's One Thing Missing

This is a pretty great exploration of the show's content, but I encourage you to only read after you have watched the entire series.


Murphy is the first Democratic governor to be re elected in NJ since 1977

He won by 3.2 points.

Murphy is the first Democratic governor to be reelected in New Jersey since 1977.


Fucking Tulsi Gabbard now saying BBB would make government too big

WTF did she think a Bernie presidency would have done?

Do you think facebook makes society worse?

Midterms don't look good for Democrats

They look even worse before Trump's tax returns and White House records finally get released to the public and we find out a ton from the 1/6 committee that blows a hole in the entire election. One thing to keep in mind is the midterms are a year away and a lot can happen between now and then

NJ Gov: Dem now leads by bigger margin in NJ than Rs in VA

NJ margin is 2.6, VA is 2.5.

Albeit there is still a percent or two to count in NJ in mainly Dem areas so it could still come out to more.


NC Senate: Tillis faces FEC accusations of illegal contributions, and Burr insider trading

North Carolina has a Democratic Governor, but North Carolina requires the governor appoint somebody of the same party that vacates the seat. If these Senators happened to resign in the relatively near future, will he appoint a couple RINOs? Would he simply not appoint anybody?

With BIF passed and no leverage for sinema and manchin to vote for BBB

You can rest assured that the bulk of president Biden's agenda for at least the next two years, is dead.

NJ Governor: Murphy expands lead to 1.6% with still 8% of votes remaining

As his lead expands, the results get buried further in the web, so even if he pulls out a 3-5 point victory after it is all said and done, the narrative in the MSM that this was a squeaker will stick in people's heads.

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